Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This has to be required reading for all those who think there is an unemployment problem in our country.

There is ... with people not wanting to work.

Nuff said.


gravedodger said...

Based on Dianne McPherson's shocking anecdote should the government rebrand the unemployment benefit as the "not gunna work benefit". seems more accurate.

pdm said...

At almost 67 years of age I work for a bakery on $14.50 an hour from 6am until between 1pm (todays finishing time) and 3pm. Saturdays I start at 5.30am and finish anytime from 8am to 9.30am.

My main duties are deliveries from the Bakery to two retail outlets under the same ownership, dishes, detinning pies and quiche, sweeping the floor and other `dogs body' jobs as required.

The job has been good for my general health - weight down, bp down, blood sugar readings down and I get paid as well.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm @ 4:09

At almost 67 years of age I work for a market research company. I consider myself fortunate to be paid $25 per hour for between fifteen and twenty hours per week street walking, knocking on doors and rudimentary clerical duties.

Yes, all the indicators head in a south easterly direction as street walking complements the daily morning walk.

The administrative systems appear to have been designed during WW2 but who am I to complain? I and my colleagues might well be all put out of a job by some gay young thing with a I-Pod.

I'm grateful for the archaic procedures which provide a supplementary cash flow.

Noel said...

"There is ... with people not wanting to work."

Tell that to all those young people on temporary and causual contracts because in many areas there are no full time positions available. Gee,..... must soley be their fault.