Monday, January 28, 2013


Whaddyumean I screwed up?  Oh, a nice family home near central Auckland for 300 grand - of course we can do it, er, um, er, just elect us and see.

That was this Tur key, no relation to John, at the Party Presidium mid November last year.

Now 70 days later he has admitted what every financial literate has been saying since that daft claim was made. $300 000 might get a little box at a cruddy address needing a heap of work.  Only suitable for two people prepared to either sleep in bunks or have a shared use system where one sleeps and the other waits for a turn with the bed.  The big announcement was total bollocks.

Today, the very refreshed and vigorous leader, albeit apparently temporary if a significant number of the posters at The Standard are to be believed, of the factionalised NZLP has finally admitted that a small family home somewhere in the city of sails might be created at $550 000. However, the pie in the sky claim it can be $10 000 a year,  year on year, is still in the policy and remains unchallenged.  Without a major revamp of land development and a serious reduction in consent costs, the claim is still total bollocks.Meanwhile, the dopy, incompetent, unquestioning cretins who pretend to be 2013 journalists won't even see the total hypocrisy in this major flip-flop.

Well, he is going to save us, isn't he, er, um, er, well, he thinks so as he said it and socialists never tell porkies to win elections .  Do they?

Do they ever.!!!!!!!!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The saddest part of all is that some 30% of the population still will vote for this incompetent, incoherent fool.

Psycho Milt said...

Yes, I mean how could anyone with even the remotest knowledge of any NZ history whatsoever, imagine that any NZ govt ever could embark on a public housing programme? It's just preposterous to even imagine such a thing!

pdm said...

Adolf - what is more scary is that he is the pick of the bunch.

JC said...

"It's just preposterous to even imagine such a thing!"

Are you seriously trying to compare the 1940s-60s to today?

Back then we had a flood of overwhelmingly British migrants with skills plus the massive diaspora of rural Maori to the cities to provide the unskilled labour. Land was cheap and plentiful as was the (mainly) native timber for building.. the new P radiata industry had to compete with the native timber prices. Add in we were about the 3rd richest country in the world, growing like fury and way less encumbered with war damages and costs.

Today there is simply no comparison with the building of the 50s.. the skills aren't there, the willing labour isn't there, the migrants can do better in Oz, the consent process is crushing, the jobs aren't there, the fertility rates are near halved, the median age is 50% higher, the GDP has long been insufficient to support such programmes, the Nimbys are out in force and the desire for dodgy socialist programmes funded by net taxpayers is insufficient to move it ahead.

Finally, how the fuck is the bottom quartile earning $33,000 per household and less going to be able to afford to pay for houses $300-550,000 in Auckland?