Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Greens: modern campaigning with your money

I noted a while ago that an extreme far left activist (Joe someone, but not Joe Carolan) made a comment at The Standard that the data they had collected from the anti asset sales campaign (paid for by you and I) was being used to create a new form of database for Green Party campaigning and electioneering.  I thought I put a post up here, but can't find it.

And so here is Metiria Turei today:
The Greens hope to use that anti-asset sales momentum to build a "political on-the-ground movement ready to take different kinds of action".

"It's modern campaigning," Turei said after delivering her speech.

"It's what it looks like in the 21st century."

Russell Norman, who made a brief appearance on stage too, said the Greens did not have the financial clout of National but it was about putting "bodies on the ground".
Well, whether the Greens have the financial clout of the Nats is a moot point.  But the Greens think if they don't, they can just use taxpayers money to make it even.  If (and that's a big IF), they make it into government, I am sure they will change the rules to ensure parties are funded by the taxpayer.

I used to worry a lot about a possible Green government.  But now I just think we get the government we deserve.  If New Zealanders want these fruit loops in charge along with Winston then fair enough I guess.

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Paulus said...

I had heard that Greenpeace were using the electoral petition signatures and addresses to create a database.
I hope this is not true for their sake.
Can anybody else confirm please, so action can be taken if necessary.