Saturday, January 12, 2013


Yesterday Adolf conversed via Skype with an eminent Paihirian.

In the interests of international decorum, Adolf put on his tee-shirt before logging in.  The temperature here was 34 degrees and wandering around the house in jocks was the order of the day.

Imagine my surprise on seeing the torso of my co- converser - less hairy than Adolf's - on the screen.   How strange.  This chap usually is the epitome of sartorial elegance but not so yesterday.  So I quickly joined in to the bare chested conversation and threw away the tee-shirt.. Then he told me the temperature in Paihia was a staggering 34 degrees!  Well may you say 'So what?'

Well folks, 34 in Paihia will kill you but 34 in the Barossa just awakens a latent thirst.  You see, it's all about the accompanying humidity.  Here it is dry while in Paihia the simple task of scratching your arse will cause gallons of perspiration to be lost.  Adolf well remembers returning from 42 degrees of pleasant dry heat in Perth to 27 degrees of decidedly unpleasant 90% humidity in Whangarei some decades ago.  Nearly killed me.

Last week we had a 44 degree maximum temperature.  (That's shade temperature, dear boy.)  It was the hottest day in four years.  However I must confess I didn't notice much difference from (similar to; different from) the preceding two days of 40 and 41.   I can tell the difference between 34 and 44 but 40 to 44 or 34 to 38 and who cares?

Anyway, the trick is to drink gallons of water or beer and leave the air conditioner off until late afternoon, then running it for just an hour..  Ceiling fans are much better.

By hell, after that sort of heat you would want to be very careful picking pipis.


JC said...

We've had a number of 30+ degrees days in Rotorua where the official temp has been low to mid 20s but frankly its all that friggin' tarseal and buildings in town that does it. Outside town and round the lake the temp drops a couple of degrees and when you get into plenty of greenery it drops a bit more.

But make no mistake, this is just catch up for a cold Spring and my tomatoes are weeks behind as are the plums.


Anonymous said...

Arghhhhhhhhhh two butt ugly torsos on Skype...spare us the from that disgusting picture

Anonymous said...

"with an eminent Paihirian."

No such beast.

Certainly not in that example.