Sunday, January 6, 2013


Many called him Mr Cricket M E K" Mike"  Hussey did not like that sobriquet.

He was always just doing his job.

A West Australian he moved anywhere he could improve his game including at least 3 English Counties.

First "Baggy Green" did not come until he was 30 years of age, such was the strength of the Australian team.
When his chance came however,  he grabbed it and ran with it  for 8 seasons.

Retiring at the crease 28 not out in the third test of a Sri lanka whitewash, his exit was as dignified and professional as his whole career, while the Contemplaters speculated if he would go for the big one to end it before tea.
Not for Huss, he did not even score the winning run as he called Mitchel Johnson through for the winning single from a defensive shot after a 20 minute break for tea.

That act and the simple message on the SCG big screen," Thankyou Mike", said it all.

You ended it on your terms and you leave a bigger hole than many of your colleagues have or ever will.


Anonymous said...

A magnificent player.

Anonymous said...

And a great sportsman, in the widest sense

Tinman said...

A fitting farewell for a genuine sportsman.

Cricket fans everywhere will be saddened by his retirement.

Anonymous said...

Well said, sir. Like his predecessor Michael Bevan, Hussey has been a linchpin for Australia, yet gets little attention.

If NZ Cricket had a single brain cell, they would hire Ponting and Hussey (use Steve Price to sell them on the idea of trans-Tasman employment ;) ) as batting (and courage, fortitude & determination) coaches...

Mad Marxist.

Anonymous said...

A shite sport to be sure.