Thursday, January 24, 2013


A New Plymouth woman has been unable to overturn a $40 ticket for reversing into an angle park.

Yes she broke the law but was it the crime to have parking wardens salivating over a rule that some see as stupid and petty.

Some offshore jurisdictions make such manouvers mandatory and mark roads accordingly. They also mandate for vehicles to reverse into entrances on the basis that commencing the move from the carriageway is safer than reversing out invariably with accompanying restricted vision.


Viking said...

Got screwed for the same even though it was safer by far as I was unloading long blinds from my stsion wagon right in the middle of town. I would have had to reach well into the traffic lane to remove them but apparently that is better than using the very wide footpath. And at 4 45 in the afternoion in the middle of our city. Never mind just charged the Govt. dept. three times the ticket price.
Always a way to get things back.

paul scott said...

no, this is NZ , we will waste money on trivial, its worth the precedent, park where we say, fine here .

Tinman said...

Wrong GD.

Angle parking has always been one way because to back into and drive forwards out of it means you have to drive against the flow of traffic, a seriously dangerous maneuver.

I have no sympathy for the idiot sheila and nothing but contempt for the idiot slime who has publicised the stupidity in such a way.

Viking, you should never have planned to deliver the blinds at 16:45 when traffic was heavy, a shame they didn't lock you up.

The Veteran said...

The NPDC (and any other Council stupid enough to go down this track) should hang their collective heads in shame.

Rules for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools springs to mind.

gravedodger said...

I don't know how you accomplish parallel parking Tinman but I pull past the space and reverse into it.
That is how angle parking is setup in more enlightened jurisdictions and it should be so here.
As for driveways with no opportunity to turn and drive out visibility and traffic flow are enhanced with what I suggest.

gravedodger said...

Oh and if you want another example of equestrian based idiotic road rules why oh why did LTSA not adopt the enlightened "give way left turn" as a system at all "red lights" when the returned us to sanity by returning to the international standard for intersection rules.

Anonymous said...

An angle parking is one that is at an acute angle (usually around 45 degrees) to the kerb. The TV showed the parking as being right angled (perpendicular) parking. It would be virtually impossible(without causing considerable delays to other traffic) to reverse into an angle parking - the turn has to be through around 135 degrees. Methinks either 1) the TV showed the incorrect scenario, or 2) it is worth a challenge in court. See

Tinman said...

GD, the ticket was for reversing into an angle park.

Most angle parks are set up to drive forwards into.

I agree it seems more sensible to reverse that, backing into them but that would disqualify a large percentage of NZ drivers (including the bloody NP sheila by the sounds of it) from using them.