Saturday, January 19, 2013


Media are making big about the treatment afforded the beached dead whale at Paraparaumu.

A few Observations.

The whale was a dead mammal with body parts that have value.
Dieing and deceased humans have value in recoverable body parts.
Why, when DoC decree that dead whales are to be buried, but before disposal some citizens, race based selected, may "harvest body parts", do they not manage the disposal with a bit more planning, privacy and decorum.
Why is that a Racial group who are portrayed as declining to participate in harvesting and recycling body parts from humans yet are granted preferential opportunity to harvest body parts from whales.
Why do the  people who must know the scenes accompanying the retrieval of bits of the dead whale will be distressing, attend the gory mess and then complain.
If DoC have funding issues and dead whales have value why don't they develop a system where that value can be converted to income.
With the clear evidence of blood flowing from the dead whale when the jaw was being harvested for the privileged surely there was value in the meat as dogfood at least and what about the Spermaceti, oil and the ambergris, then there are the other skeletal bones, can they not be "carved.

Where there is life there is accompanying death, it is a natural cycle.

They shoot horses don't they.

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Anonymous said...

You're forgetting old timer that most folks think that animal sourced food products come from a supermarket shelf and that the supermarket conjours them up out of thin air - straight onto the shelf.

The thought that to get a decent steak or some bacon involves the rearing and slaughtering of animals and the subsequent gutting, chopping, and slicing is quite beyond their delicate sensibilities.

As for this Whale it is quite simply a natural resource that should be utilized. Why Iwi have to have first dibbs is beyond me but fair enough on them not wasting at least some of the whale carcass.

Like you say I'm sure the pet food companies could make a fair amount of cat/dog food out of a whale and then DOC wouldn't have to pay for much cleanup at all.

Sadly I think whales in NZ are treated like cows in India - holy relics that are off limits for anything.