Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Published cellphone images form part of a Stuff attempt to suggest the lone constable who was assaulted trying to arrest Jackie Maikuku aged 19 on multiple charges that indicate a serious disdain for the rule of law and the constables efforts with the difficult job enforcing that law that led to the resulting assault was the constable's own fault

The still Photos from a video are being used to substantiate a claim that the policeman used excessive force.

My take is that Jackie is a big strong lad with little to suggest he was going to submit to a legal arrest by the sole charge constable who knew, as did Maikuku, police backup was a considerable distance away both in kilometres and time.

As Commissioner Marshal correctly pointed out even with two officers stationed  at Kawhia it is most likely that only one would be available at any given time.

Why, Stuff, do you not focus on the inherent difficulties faced by these very exposed men and women of the NZ Police doing a distasteful at times task in remote areas on our behalf instead of giving Oxygen to such a lowlife as the young scumbag portrayed in the photos who appeared to be more than a physical match for the constable in physical terms and clearly had very little intention of taking responsibility for his lawless behaviour.

My instinct would be to present the Bushmaster and if he failed to drop with his hands at the back of his head use it in self defence and then on the bros with the same attitude.

As for the two bimbos from Stuff, Ms Belinda Feek and Ms Maryanne Twentyman, would you have the same benign attitude to Mr Jackie Maikuku if he decided your legal rights did not protect you if that animal decided you could be suitable to have his children.
Would you still be concerned if Constable Perry Griffin used a bit of force on your behalf as the sole representative of law enforcement in Kawhia.

However it will be decided by the sicko apologists that Constable Griffin could have just let the scumbag go and continue to threaten the law abiding in Kawhia, another good bastard will leave The NZ Police, Kawhia will be the poorer and Jackie will move onwards and upwards to more serious offending as a Bad Bastard and it will all end in tears.


Tinman said...

GD, my read on this is that the cop, having driven past, seen the crim and then gone home to change into uniform then had a brain fart and decided he was good enough to take the fellow out without waiting for the back-up he'd called or the crim's father to get there.

My guess is that brain fart was driven by the fire brigade fellows turning out as back-up and the cop's needing to prove he was the big man around those parts.

He went in all gung-ho with his tazer and pistol at the ready.

The crim took those off him and spanked him, big time.

I've met several cops with attitude problems like this (most of them bloody sheilas) who simply should not be in charge of anything.

The main thing coming from this incident is that here is yet another reason why the average policemen on the beat should NOT carry a gun.

Paulus said...

Problem with a police/person firing a gun is the almighty legal ramifications of doing so - the lefties, the lawyers, Human Rights and PCA, plus the Greenpeace Party - maybe the Labour Party, Mana or Lazarus Peters if they are awake is frightening.
Every Time.
The Aussie police are not afarid to use their arms unlike the NZ Police who are afraid to because of the PC interpretations

Barry said...

Either Griffin should have just shot that guy as soon as he threatened Griffin, or a second cop should have been there with a shotgun