Sunday, January 13, 2013


If the NZC muppets had Ross Taylor put down after a rare away test win Vs Sri Lanka what will they have in store for Bazza and Hessie.
Public beheading in Aotea Square seems appropriate. Remember what Saddam's boy did for the Iraq Soccer team coming up a bit short at the Olympics. It wasn't oranges at half time that's for sure.

45 all out batting first in the first test, our choice, 47 for 6 batting second after they made over 500 for eight, their choice in the second test and do not say it can't get worse. 26 all out is under threat

Mr Hesson you are a walking disaster, please get involved in sex and travel before any more "progress" is made in the build up to the world cup.

Messers Moller, White, Buchanan and Hesson, please arrange to go fishing in Fiordland in a rotten dinghy while the weather is so favourable and see if any of the main metro cricket club executives will act as interim administration of NZC.

Every change at the top in recent times has been a retrograde move and we aint at the bottom yet.


Anonymous said...

The South Africans are on top of their game at present, get used to it.
However all things must pass, until then , suck it up.

Anonymous said...

The whole cricket setup needs changing. All this crap stems from several years ago when the management and the players had a show down and the management caved in.

They need two things:

1 Performance based contracts - you lose you lose pay.

2 Management structure - Head coach who does all appointments and selections,is the boss of the whole team, and who stands and falls based on the team's performance.

3 Go through the whole current team and kick out all players who think they are elite untouchables and bring in new fresh players who respect management and who have their only goal of playing their very best for their country - ie winning games is their only focus.

But will this happen? Nah - just a bunch of under performing primadonnas who should be auditioning for a part on The Kardashians.


Economist said...

It's simple - few NZ players care about tests. Who can defend for a session, for a day, scoring zero runs but not losing their wicket?

Nobody anymore.

The money is in the IPL, 20/20 & a few one-dayers. We shouldn't be surprised the team can't last more than 20 overs, that's all they've ever seen.

Tinman said...

Economist I can think of just one batsman world wide who can bat for long periods without making the scorers earn their money.

Why should NZers be different.

Unfortunately the current captain has tried your remedy, batting time for three out of his four SA innings only to get out to the same spinner each time - showing just how bad the coaching and analytic people attached to this team are.

NZ also currently has a no.5 who wouldn't know a shot if it jumped up (well leaned down for any breed taller than a dashhund) and bit him on the ass.

The batting-all-day approach doesn't work without smarts.

What NZ needs is the mental ability to know when to play shots and when not to - this is what coaching at the highest level is all about - something the ND-polluted NZC has yet to understand.

David said...

Moller ought to dig out the report he wrote on NZ Swimming and reprint it with the organisation name changed to NZ Cricket.

C'mon Chris, follow your own advice.

Anonymous said...

Jimmie - I believe you'll find the rot set in in the 1990s with the Hood report that 'corporatised' NZ Cricket. Written by John Hood; former Fletchers exec, who cajoled his way into Akld Uni VC where he borrowed to build $200m worth of buildings. Then tried the same at Oxford, until the Dons caught on and chucked him back on the dole.

With such a basis, why expect competence? Hood gave NZC the secretive, 'professional' basis that has engendered such success ever since.

Agree with your remedies, but will Stephen Fleming allow that? The McCullum Mafia (Flem, Dan V, B Mac) now run NZC. And the results speak for themselves.

Lifetime bans for above 3 toxic trio. Bring Wright back as coach, and hire Ponting & Mike Hussey as batting/courage advisers.

Mad Marxist.