Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have enormous belief in the rule of law as a basic tenet of my personal behavior code.

Sometimes it is sorely tried by actions among those employed to administer such law on my behalf.

In recent days the media has reported the assault and subsequent death in Wellington Hospital of a very ordinary 40 something man attacked in his home in Featherston, one Glen Jones who worked at the local supermarket.

Yesterday three dropkicks, two female, 22 and 32  and one male 28 were arraigned in Masterton District Court on charges of entering Mr Jones home armed with an axe handle and a baseball bat, at the time of the beating that resulted in  eventual death.
The three scroats are enjoying interim name suppression.

Meanwhile Police are appealing to the public, seeking assistance in locating two other men, one a Mr Kristopher Jones 23, the other Mr  Hayden Ranson 27  who have left the Wellington area in what is believed to be a Blue Mitsibishi reg O E 7854, and who are alleged to have also been involved in the home invasion.

I have no knowledge of any of the   five retarded degenerates who are involved in this now all too common scenario or the unfortunate deceased Mr Glen Jones in spite of living in the Wairarapa for twenty years. but the bare bones already in the media leave me absolutely disgusted.
That disgust is only exacerbated by the nincompoop judge, Mary O'Dwyer decreeing a name suppression order for the three arrested while their cowardly fleeing cohorts are clearly identified by the police.

FFS Judge, the five despicable pieces of shit are only "known" to those in their immediate circle, probably the police and DSW, what possible harm could be brought to them should their names be made public while all people remotely fitting the published sparse facts used in describing the three in custody are potentially candidates for false identification.

I for one have zero interest in the Identity of the three who appeared in Court but the names of all persons around the ages published who are completely innocent have a potential for being suspected as the seemingly spiraling numbers of such senseless brutality continues to climb, often perpetrated by people who bring astonishment to those who thought they "knew" them, when they are subsequently exposed and identified in the courts

One small recent blessing, there is an apparent reluctance for bail to be granted in cases of serious crime among some of the inhabitants of the ivory tower.   The POS charged with a recent killing in Ashburton having Bail denied but the other growing contempt for the respect of the courts had shouts of support for the accused "to be strong" as he was taken down.
Jesus Wept he has brought shame on those misguided friends and family, by all means be there for the accused, however keep your support private and personal.

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly why individuals should be allowed to own guns …………….. for self defense in one's own home. Those animals would have thought twice about breaking and entering if there had been a good chance of being shot.