Sunday, January 13, 2013


The Green Party of NZ, as do "environmental lobby groups" world wide, to often employ "the end of the world" as a base plank of their reason to exist. One of the current doomsday mantras is AGW and peak oil in a tandem scenario.

If 'peak oil' is upon us then why not accept that  the rubbish theory of mans CO2 emissions as the cause of AGW has its solution just around the corner.
Well it just maybe that Hydraulic fracturing will seriously postpone the wall the world was about to hit with "peakoil" so they must oppose' fracking' with their considerable evangelical zeal to keep their scam going forward.

Forget about science, ignore data that fails to support the mantra, employ scare tactics and exploit the ignorance that permeates the voting public to gain electoral advantage.
So sad that the policy will lead to starvation, disease,  instability, and massive dislocation, move along  the cause demands it and who wants bad news anyway.

In the latter years of the nineteenth  century such inanity permeated the media as 'peak coal', which  was predicted to end the developing world that then existed as it ran its shipping, land transport, industrial and domestic  energy requirements on coal. How did that doomsday prediction turn out. Not so well actually as along came cheap oil and electricity

Throughout history one constant remains, human ability to find a solution to developing problems, energy will be no different.

Nuclear power has unlimited potential to fill energy needs with cheaper and increasingly safer reactor systems with the added advantage of being able to situate the generator close to demand centers thereby avoiding the constraints of locating adjacent to the "fuel" be it wind, hydro, coal, gas of earlier times. Think Comalco at Bluff with its main energy supply to the north at Manapouri in the form of Hydro generation

Similarly with water and irrigation. Only a complete idiot thinks pumping an aquifer to exhaustion is good practice hence moves to develop storage and efficiencies of application systems, while continuing to grow the wealth creating uses. For example the area irrigated by the RDR system using pivots in place of Borderdyke flooding systems.

The cuddly greens want us to stop all progress with their garbled and inadequately portrayed Green Job bullshit, without ever being pinned down to actually giving. a substantive answer as to what they might be.

Meanwhile an increasingly unquestioning MSM fails society by not exposing the dreamworld those darling,  soft, touchy feely watermelons are promoting.

Apparently there is nobody available.

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Paulus said...

I am coming to the serious belief that Greenpeace NZ Political Branch are not only deranged but dangerous to the future of New Zealand, and don't the media love them. An Aussie Communist leader, attached with a token ex McGillicuddy Party Maori woman.
The balance are well educated, white, middle class, financially secure zealots - mainly women -some are actually New Zealand Citizens - possibly some still are not. The saddest problem is that as zealots they are always right and do not care anything other than their causes.