Monday, January 28, 2013

Invasion Day

I see the leftist illuminati are busy rewriting history in Tasmania, just as NZ universities are creating the pre-1840 proud, benign, civilized and admirable Maori race to replace the reality of a barbarous bunch of cannibalistic, slave keeping, murderous, forever warring savages.  (Go and read some of the accounts written by the early missionaries.)

Two days ago some strident screeching female, possibly a Greens Tasmanian government minister, was  bleating about Australia Day being celebrated on the anniversary of the arrival of white settlers in this barren land. (Funny how history seems to have changed. Up until a few years ago the story was that the Whitefella shot all the Blackfellas in Tassie - the whole damned lot.  Australians didn't like to take about that in the seventies.)

Likely it will be discovered that Tasmania's new  found Aboriginal population possesses remarkably fair skin and sharp facial features.

Well, waddya know?  Take a close look.


Then, today there are reports of a loudmouth ALP MP spruiking about the same 'invasion day.'

For these people, Aboriginals would be far better off if no immigrants had arrived over the last two hundred years or so.By hell, if that had been the case the Abos would really have something to complain about.

No booze
No social welfare
No battered old blue Valiants and Falcons to drive around in
No footy at which to excel
No Coca Cola
No horses
No long straight roads on which to cadge a ride
No petrol to sniff
No steak and eggs

Adolf wonders how long it will be before the Australian speech police being legislated for by Gillard will outlaw the word 'blog' on account of it might be construed by the sensitive dears on the left as an abbreviation for 'black wog.'


Judge Holden said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sludge, don't waste your time. You are a troll and I don't read your comments.

Stay on your desert island where you belong.

Judge Holden said...
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Anonymous said...

The new book out "The Musket Wars" is interesting in that it shows, at last, that between 1806 and 1845 Maori descended into a moral abyss that was appalling for its cruelty and stupidity. The strong and brutal wiped out large populations of less strong and came close to redusing the population to a level that would make survival as a race problematic. Yet today we name things after these monsters to celebrate their name and mana. It like having an Adolf Hitler stadium in Jerusalem.

The missionaries saved their sorry arses with christianity but in a Nelson museum missionaries are blamed for all sorts of things that affected Maori.

Not all colonial affairs were so nice of course but this rose tinted view of the Maori past we get fed is pretty annoying.