Thursday, January 17, 2013


I and many of those whose life and livelyhood is or has been weather dependent, get a significant lift in spirits when an "expert" in meteorology makes a prediction that a developing dry will extend into drought as all too often it results in a significant rain event.

The weather watchers (amateurs) here in much of Canterbury are witnessing such a visit from "sod",  albeit a welcome one.

Just prior to the holiday break I blogged on an event where the actions of a  family of rats and my reaction, resulted in my 'dumping' over half of our stored rainwater reserve.
Now we are spilling again as Phillip Duncan's prediction that the dry spell enveloping the east coast of both islands would "continue till the end of February at least".  Gee thanks Phillip, that turned out well for us at leas,t as we have had four rain events totaling nearly 80mm or in the old terms over 3 inches and the dry has now morphed into a wet that will threaten the current harvest.

I know it may not be so for all the areas the dry was impacting on but for us that old adage about remaing silent and being thought stupid or speaking and removing the doubt passed through my mind.

Keep up the good work Phillip it is a really appreciated gift you gave us.

As for those who wish to move "the national shut down and holiday period" to a later date be careful what you wish for as it just maybe that "sod" using his natural law will thwart you and the inclement weather will move accordingly. Recall all those incredible hot Christmas holidays of yore the selective memory presents as the facts as they may come again if you have a little patience.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck is a "rain event"?
Is that similar to a rainstorm?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon sarcy dumbarse @ 11.42

Well it might be. Then again it might be a passing shower or a scattered shower or a collapsing water spout or a cyclone or steady drizzle or a cloudburst or even five days continuous heavy rain.

Oh yeah, 'what is a rain event' would have sufficed.