Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Refreshing......... is to see a Prime Minister who resists the combined shouting of the unions, continuous attacks from a left leaning media and the incessant wailing of Whaleoil.

Hekia Parata will retain the education portfolio.

You know, I seem to recall all of the above critics had it in for Anne Tolley when she was Education Minister.

Funny that.


Big Bruv said...

So you don't care how bad a job that Parata is doing then Adolf?

Key should have enough balls to give her the flick now. She is a total failure in the role and is easy fodder for the teachers unions and other assorted scum.

What we need is for somebody like Collins to take over the portfolio and send Parata to the very back benches where she belongs.

Psycho Milt said...

I seem to recall all of the above critics had it in for Anne Tolley when she was Education Minister.

Yes, but that's because she was crap as Min of Ed.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, Tolley was a confused disaster as Education Minister. She just looks good when you compare her to her successor. Key's a pretty gutless character at root.

Anonymous said...

I disagree Adolf.
Parata has made a terrible hash of the Education portfolio. Her performance demonstrated to date can be charitably described as crap at best.

Key has again shown poor judgment in keeping her on.


Whaleoil said...

I never had it in for Tolley, in fact i thought she was a good Minister of Education who smacked over the unions...Parata though is a waste of space.

Marcus50 said...

Parata is a risk for Key now. Her run of very public balls ups, Hipkins dealing to her in the house and her inability to get a grasp on her portfolio's issues have hurt National.

Now National have to deal with Charter schools, something they are not particularly keen on but have given ACT the bone so again education is going to occupy the media's attention for the first part of the year.

As for putting Collins into education, it may be entertaining but is would be a fuckup as the Bain episode has turned into. giving it to Ryall would be a smarter play given his ability to get things done without a maelstrom of media gaffes and union fights.

Still its not going to happen and Key looks like he is going to support Parata to the end

Anonymous said...


1. Female - tick.
2. Brown - tick.
3. Party loyal - tick.
4. Dependent on patronage - tick.

What's the problem again?

David said...

Key has a no-win situation on his hands.
Does he take a stand and say "I am making the decisions here and as much as you want to try and run the Gummint, I am not going to be told by opposition (in whatever form it takes) how to do it and who to appoint to what ministries" or does he appear weak and vulnerable to pressure of the shouting ignorant masses by moving Perata into another portfolio?

For one I think he had no choice but to do what he has done.

Paulus said...

Aren't all National Education Minister's crap ?
I though that this was par for the course - Labour/Greenpeace/Winston/Mana parties along with the media ably led by the Teacher's Unions believe so too.
Mallard & Carter were great Ministers in signing up the current Novopay pay scheme.
Remember both were sort of Teachers before Parliament.

baxter said...

I agree with Adolf, Parata has done nothing to justify the venom directed against her which is led by the usual Union/Media liaison. She represents all that they hate...tall poppy, self made,wealth, style, and class. Perhaps John KEY promoted her too soon, but far from his faith in her and perseverance showing he is gutless, it merely displays the qualities of leadership that the polls show the people recognise in him.

Edward the Confessor said...

"self made,wealth, style, and class. "

That's exactly what you want in your Minister of Education. Anyway that's crap. Her wealth was made troughing and style and class are in the eye of the beholder.

Simo said...

She's great and will shove it up the leftie PPTA and NZEI, hopefully with a large ripe pineapple

Carly said...

I think the plan is for the teachers' union to keep abusing the Minister publicly and railing against Charter Schools. This will be seen for what it is, a self-serving clique of political activists trying to bring the Government down. The more it continues, the sooner parents will recognise that the teachers' union is playing them for suckers.

Edward the Confessor said...

"The more it continues, the sooner parents will recognise that the teachers' union is playing them for suckers."

Um yeah, they've already realised that's what the government is doing. It's great that Parata is staying on. It rams the point home.

Noel said...

Political interference in New Zealands children's education is littered with examples of stupid decisions.
Remember when the powers to be thought computers were going to be fed by punch tape and maths teaching was based on the five positions of the punch holes. Those children transisting from times table to the new methodology failed to grasp it and only half who were educated by it ever achieved a reasonable result.
Later there was a return to the timestables without any apology to those students from the pollies for their stupidity.