Monday, January 7, 2013


Dodgy prick, Paul Watson, bail skipper, who spends inordinate amounts of opms attempting to thwart Japanese whaling in the southern oceans played fast and loose with New Zealand's border security last weekend.

Four vessels from his personal navy "the sea Shepherd group" transitted through our waters on the way to their annual propaganda/fundraiser publicity effort.

Stuff reports that two vessels of the fleet  cleared customs and immigration at Wellington, then apparently Mr Watson transferred off his flagship so his usual 'flagship' could comply with our border procedures at Timaru without exposing Watson to potential legal complications for dodgy actions elsewhere in the global village .

A very clear depiction of the vulnerability to serious manipulation by those who wish to play ducks and drakes with our border security.

What other laws do not apply to you, Watson, when you choose to act with arrogance.


Marc said...

I wish the MSM would stop giving this eco-terrorist the over the top attention they have over the last few days. I just changed radio stations as they continued to drool on and on about his latest exploits for so long. And I said the same about Lawless and her bunch of merry loonies too - thank God they seem to have lost their appetite for brushing with the law for now.

Please, stop feeding the attention seekers.

Tinman said...

I'm happy the prick has gone.

May he join his whales in the Southern Ocean.

Psycho Milt said...

I saw the Bob Barker and the Brigitte Bardot moored in Wellington just before Christmas, and wondered where the Steve Irwin was. This explains it - one boat needs to be keeping Paul Watson's arse offshore.

We had a look at the Bob Barker. My daughter was looking quite favourably on the crew of hippies, so I mentioned the fact they only allow vegan food on board. That should see off any thoughts of joining them...