Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The parade of what I consider to be perverts among the teaching profession continues in various branches of the NZ media but the teacher unions continue with a resounding silence and name suppression idiocy perpetrates a vacuum that many seem to  accept as reasonable.

Would a serious survey among registered teacher reveal a collective view held by them that sex with children, pornographic activity, sex with pupils that should be safe from predatory and grooming behaviour and today what I consider to be totally unacceptable behavior with a teacher covertly filming up female persons skirts with a pen camera is "OK"

Maybe a majority of registered teachers have a view that is at odds with what I consider  acceptable that leads to the seeming benign acceptance that allows such people to exist within the teaching profession.
I accept the number brought to book are statistically small but with the potential damage to vulnerable young people being widely seen as potentially serious

My abhorrence of such perverts is somewhat coloured from an experience some years ago when I supported a teacher protesting his innocence and his claim he was set up only to have the bastard plead guilty and subsequently reoffend. They can be so bloody plausible as is so often revealed by nearly all successful convictions.

So come on leaders of the teaching profession make a stand and tell concerned people such as me where you stand on these disgusting perverts.
For me they deserve zero protection


Anonymous said...

"Do teachers really think this is OK?"

No we don't.


Anonymous said...

Perversion today will be normal tomorrow. Some of us won't get used to it but many will because it will be illegal not to. I think gay marriage is just a step along the way irespective of good motives that some may have.

The basic human condition is not that flash.


Anonymous said...

When the legal process rules that name suppression is to be maintained there is little that the associated school, its board or management can do but comply and try throughthe legal process to have the name suppression lifted

Anonymous said...

Having joined the ROYAL NAVY at age 15.. In 1954.. I think that I can say that I have had a very wide and interesting education.

Been there.. Done that..

There was nothing in that education to make me feel comfortable abusing children..
Even if they were offering their sisters.. or themselves..

Instant justice Chinese style should be carried out on all convictions.