Thursday, January 24, 2013


Judge Mary Beth Sharp is sorry she has to send two 43 yo drug dealers to the big house for three years.

"They are impeccable blokes who enjoy great family and community support".

Gee judge and I thought they were just a couple of crooks who managed to impress you with talented and probably expensive briefs telling you the story they knew would push your sympathy buttons for maximum advantage.

Our drug laws are providing very lucrative opportunities for wealth creation and if the wowsers are successful in making booze dearer in the mistaken belief that it will restrict binge drinking, it will do the same for such criminal activities.

Read a bit about how prohibition worked for the mafia.


Anonymous said...

Do you think some of these female judges get a bit 'starry eyed' over the bad bastards?

Mrs Danvers

Blair said...

No link to the article, but can I make a guess and say these guys were white? Am I right? What do I win?

Paulus said...

They smiled at her and gave her the "come on".
At her age she was flattered.

Anonymous said...

Because the judge (and community) doesn't know about the dark side to these criminals they "are of impeccable character"? Yeah right. Really! Naiivety, or could it be to justify a lesser sentence?

As for "judges don't like to send people to prison"

Nice that the judge is able to comment on behalf of her fellow judges, but I live in hope that she is wrong, that there are judges who recognize there is no better place for a good number of criminals.

baxter said...

Is that nine years reducible to 3 or 3 years reducible to 1 with pre release experience on the outside.

paul scott said...

now be careful here dudes , girl does like bad boy, but bad boy is what to do, but what to do, let him off to recreate, or down the river, where are our men, people like me who can do the sort out, we are lost, I could sort them out I have done before, where are the men

Tinman said...

Agreed GD.

Mary Beth obviously thinks the law is an ass so why does she dispense it?

Time for a resignation here.