Thursday, January 3, 2013


New Zealand bowled out for 45 in their first innings vs the Yarpies.   Not much to be said so I won't.

But you can.


Ray said...

If they can't be bothered why should I

Barnsley Bill said...

Where to start?
1. Coach, campaigned for the removal of Taylor. Cocked it up.
2. McCullum claiming he had nothing to do with the Taylor demotion and had nothing to do with it. calling bullshit on that one.
3.McCullum. Opener! Not now or ever.
4. McCullum, captain! On what grounds was he selected? cricketing nouse? Coolness under pressure? Tattoos?
McCullum. Test Player? On what evidence?
5. Pop Quiz. When Oz got bowled for less than 50 on that ground last year should a Kiwei captain A. Bat first? B. Bat second? C.Ask an adult.
McCullum have got what they schemed for. I hope those apples taste like lemons.

Barnsley Bill said...

EEK. commenting form iphone when grumpy led to that spelling and grammar filled rant.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You beat me to it. The headline would have been "Black Crap."

Oh well, lets see if Sranka can do any better.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

When Adolf was aged eleven or twelve, his father opened the batting for Kawakawa.

One day, playing against Kaikohe (I think) Kawakawa was bolwled out for 22 runs. Dad was top scorer (after extras) with 2.

I wonder how many of the current national team came from Northland?

BTW, on that day the NZ test keeper, Ken Wadsworth, was behind the stumps - for Kaikohe, of course.

Anonymous said...

Our lads failed? No. Our lads yet to achieve? Yes.

pdm said...

Vet - I think we have to give some crdit to Philander who was magnificent in one of the best spells of bowling I have ever seen.
Watling got a ball most batsmen would not have been good enough or unlucky enough to nick and Williamson, who looked solid, was beautifully set up.

BB - by NZ standards McCullum has a good test batting average but most of his runs have been scored at 7. He should go back down the order pronto. Would Taylor and Ryder have made a difference last night - I am not sure they would have because the Yarpies bowled exceptionally well.

Barnsley Bill said...

I suspect Taylor would not have chosen to bat first

pdm said...

Under the current regime he would not have been captain BB.

Barnsley Bill said...

Back to my 1st point then. :)

Tinman said...

pdm said...
Under the current regime he would not have been captain BB.

Wrong as usual. Taylor was not fired from the test captaincy, he refused/quit it.

The captain alone does not make the decision to bat or bowl, it is made by team management (usually captain and coach) in the NZ set-up.

Barnsley Bill said...

Tinman.. Don't be naive. The test skippers job was offered late and reluctantly to stifle the cluster fuck that was his knifing.
I am on the couch again watching.

Anonymous said...

The staggering thing is that SA test captain Graeme Smith was in their media saying 'whoever batted first would have trouble' (my paraphrasing). Smith is known to speak with a straight bat - he doesn't seem to indulge in spin, so Mac the Knife had every warning that batting first was a dopey thing to do (quite apart from the fact any captain should check past stats for that ground, right?). Off with his head! And his manager Fleming, who engineered this horrible coup.

Mad Marxist.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought it - a bunch of monkeys can humiliate New Zealand by beating them by an innings - without even breaking out into a sweat.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 12:51

I've corrected your comment for you.

"Who would have thought it - a superior team can humiliate a bunch of monkeys, beating them by an innings - without even breaking out into a sweat."

Anonymous said...

Then you contradict yourself.

"New Zealand bowled out for 45 in their first innings vs the Yarpies"

Tinman said...

BB, naive doesn't come into it.

Taylor was offered retention of the test captaincy before the "knifing" took effect.

There is no doubt this was because the badly ND polluted NZC don't rate test cricket but it does not alter that fact.

NZ were always going to lose this series. SA are no.1 (and probably 2 & 3 as well) while NZ are correctly rated just ahead of Zimbabwe and on a par with Bangladesh.

Add the fact that NZ is playing without the two batsmen who salvaged NZ's pride in the disastrous second innings of their last test and coming close to making SA bat twice could almost be regarded as a positive.