Sunday, January 20, 2013


NZ soccer or football as it now deemed to be, has had a checkered career in the Australian A League.

After chaotic efforts in Auckland as The Kingz and The Knights, that almost saw New Zealand involvement in the professional Australian League get the arse The Wellington Pheonix rose from the ashes and made some credible moves under coach Ricky Herbert, that were constrained by financial factors causing some great talent to seek employment in other A League clubs

Gareth Morgan bored with his rather ordinary efforts at running an investment vehicle as part of the Kiwi Saver scheme where he wallowed in the cellar zone, sold his little scheme and became a part owner of the "NIX".
 Hows that going Gar.

Recently in a confusion between governance and management GarbageMoreisless has started to bring his golden touch to his team by initiating a plan to have his team play a more exciting and attractive game that he simplistically saw as a way to earn more money from bigger gates.

Now most fans of any club are excited by winning and that translates within the world of the "beautiful game" as not losing, as it includes draws as a sort of kissing your sister like success.
Since good old Big Ears made his stupid moves the Nix that had been gaining considerable success with a rather defensive tactical approach, has seen his team crash and burn in spectacular fashion with the latest effort going down to Sydney FC tonight,7,  yes 7 goals to 1.

The cringworthy images of Big Ears hovering at training indicate a big move to reposition himself as Noddy as he consigns the man who has done more to grow the game of football in this country, in the last decade, to the role of Mr Plod in an Enid Blyton epic c2013.

It just aint working Muppet, perhaps you could bring your midas touch to NZ Cricket, hang on did I miss something.

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