Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Part owner of the Silver Birch Motor camp in Tauranga, Richy Robin is complaining about Motor Homes Parking away from her "luvly" and "expensive" camp and wants The Gummint to make them come in and assist her to live better by filling the camp coffers with money for nothing in the way of services  they offer or the occupants need other than a space.

I wonder why she does't want truckies out of their hours to be included by preventing them from parking up in a layby. While you are at it you whining bint why not expand your "law" to prevent someone buying a bandaid from a shop and treating a cut finger to avoid a trip to a Dr's surgery, stop people buying a cooked chook and some salad from a supermarket and eating it across the road from a five star restaurant, or even prevent someone with a minor mechanical problem with the family car getting help from a mechanic mate.

I note from your rather primitive website that it costs  $52 to provide me with space to "park" my rig overnight but later in the year it will only cost me $32. and at any time I will only leave "wheel marks".
That is only for two adults who wont be using your shower, your kitchen , your toilets or your playground.

My modest traveling "apartment" is 'certified self contained' ie it has been inspected by unpaid volunteers from the NZ Motor Caravan Assn and complies with the exacting standards they set, pretty much equivalent to a residential drainage requirement, has a fire extinguisher, storage for Grey water greater than the volume of fresh water on board, has complying toilet options, a sealed rubbish receptacle among other items on a standard check list. Such status is demonstrated by a sticker on the right rear of the vehicle and a current card displayed in the front window.

 Now most of us who have invested in our mobile homes do not want to stay in your camp and have paid considerable sums of money to be FREE.

Some retarded local authorities having bowed to pressure from operators such as you Ms Bint Robin to make our lifestyle choices unlawful under rather draconian bylaws enacted to stop defecating back packers in panel vans and station wagons leaving waste in reserve areas of our country that greedy bastards such as you then use to force us, who have spent in some cases  over five figures in equipment, to pay you for virtually nothing by way of a service. Meanwhile those who sleep rough in cars will continue to 'shit in the woods'.
Other more commercial thinking LAs see the economic benefits and make us welcome to visit.

The West Coast District Council is one of the latter. Just over the Cobden bridge on the Grey river is a council reserve area that is available as a freedom camp area where we can stop over. It is patrolled by their staff and non complying vehicles are woken and moved on. We have availed ourselves of it and never seen any abusive activity, oh and while there we have spent money in Greymouth. It really is rocket science eh.

So Ms Robin maybe you are not meeting your evolving market.
The old adage about real estate failing to sell applies.
"There are only two reasons a property does not sell, It is too expensive or the agent is crap". In your case it is probably both.


Anonymous said...

A link would be nice. I agree self contained is fine but that's not the problem. Cheap means not self contained and the cheapies are here on a tight budget.

I recall much of Europe was covered in human shit and general rubbish when I was there in the 1980's. People shitting in the woods, sand hills etc...

They just do here what they do at home.


gravedodger said...

@3:16 I heard it on Newstalk ZB but could not find it on their website at time of posting.

Paranormal said...

She may be pushing the proverbial uphill as BOP Regional Council provide overnight parking spots for self contained campervans/mobile homes. In fact there is one at our secluded holiday beach just north of Tauranga.

It was great chatting to the interesting folk that stopped there over the Christmas hols. If you're ever passing through GD I can give you directions to a lovely beachfront spot. No need to darken the door of a motor camp.

"Motella" said...

Yes, I'd agree that it is a wee bit self-indulgent for a holiday park owner to demand regulation to restrict freedom camping.

However it is also a bit rich for motor home owners to expect ratepayers to subsidise their hobby by providing and maintaining "Free" park-up facilities.

Many Chartered Clubs provide free overnight parking to hard-up, non-contributing motor home owners in the hope they may split an entree and a pint of shandy at their facilities ;-)

gravedodger said...

@ Motella,I will assume you are not a motor home person, very few NZMCA members do not have a rateable property and are therefore paying a greater share to maintain such areas of public land than others who avail themselves of such opportunities, ie wicked/ back packer and other vans too small to carry enough water to wash a handkerchief.

Our self indulgent group of bludgers are surely no more subsidised than a rich prick hunter/ tramper/ hiker who requires a full blown search and rescue costing the public purse hundreds of thousands of scarce dollars when they did not heed a storm warning.

Methinks you are being a bit selective with your generalisations.

"Motella" said...

I think GD, you have a lot more in common with the hairy-arsed backpacker that you care to admit.

While you pay your taxes, most backpackers pay-as-they-go a greater proportion of consumption tax while they travel (supermarket cooked chickens, alcohol, bungy jumps et al)

The commonality between both groups seems to be that they are inflicted with an overstated opinion of their worth and entitlement.

Anonymous said...

It's obviously not your camper GD, but... My working dogs seem to find a pile of human turd a pillow to roll in when we're shifting sheep down the road. One day I will catch a camper 'in the act' and I'll smear their khyber with the toe of my boot.