Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A story (sic) blew up following a pseudo story in the SST from Little Lucy Craymer that another nonentity, stringer Charles Anderson saw fit to send to the Wall Street Journal on traces of DCD, an inhibitor added to some fertilizers to reduce Nitrogen leeching being detected in some of our milk last spring. Autumn is now approaching in case you wern't aware.

Now DCD is regarded as a benign chemical and only one of many that can present in measurable quantities in any random sample of milk and its products.
The EU is the only government entity in the world that has a limit on acceptable levels and that limit is many many times the amount discovered in the NZ milk last spring.

Today Damian O'Connor in a rather predictable effort to gain a headline as the political year warms up sailed into the non controversy adding his tuppence in what has all the hallmarks of a beat up.

Some Facts.
DCD is an inhibitor with no established effects down stream when found in milk and the levels these idiots are talking about are infinitesimal.
It was added to some nitrogenous products in response to  opposition, largely from the anti dairying lobby, on leeching as a problem.
As soon as the contamination was discovered the two major Fertilizer companies, Ravensdown and Balance withdrew all product with DCD from sale, Months ago!
To date there is no known problem with DCD in the food chain and the level detected in NZ milk is around 1% of the only limit on such contamination designated in the world, by the EU.

To describe the witterings of Craymer,  perpetrated by Anderson, given oxygen by assorted opponents of our major economic lifeline and now being employed by O'Connor for profile, as anything other than sabotage is bollocks. I am being kind here.

Yes in another place and time serious sanction would be appropriate, it's almost up there with yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.

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