Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Cameron Slater at www.whaleoil.co.nz  highlights a further example of a bad outcome from an evangelical crusade that forms a base plank of the world wide 'green movement'.

In their crusade against fossil fuels, a serious disruption to the market has occurred with the conversion of grain from basic food staple to bio fuel production leaving many more people starving throughout the world than is necessary, that is just market reality from subsidising the warm cuddly apparition that bio fuel presents. The result, a significant escalation of price for all basic food grains

That market interference has been exacerbated in Peru with a food fad arising  around Quinoa a staple of Peru and Bolivia, as a wonder grain,  that in the world market for grain stimulated by that subsidised myth of the benefits of bio fuel, has resulted in Quinoa  being priced out of the reach of the poorer people of those Andean Countries.

Too bad so sad  "let them eat cake", hang on what do those people make their freekin cake from again, oh yes it just might have been Quinoa, eh.


JC said...

Greens believe the planet can only support about a billion people living in bucolic harmony with Gaia, so what what you see as an impending disaster is seen by the greenies as a useful side effect.


gazzamuso said...

You do realise that the vast majority of grain produced worldwide goes towards feeding animals who are then killed for meat? Meat is not necessary to human survival, so if you're actually concerned about global starvation then switch to a vege/vegan diet.

gravedodger said...

Maybe you have been asleep gazzamuso but it is well documented that diversion of grain/corn to biofuel has increased prices and created distortions in availability for many people with limited choice.

Oh and by the way human survival is not a high priority for me whereas socialist stupidity, actually creating more problems than it solves does concern me as it receives an armchair ride from such as yourself.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You might get on better if you remembered animals are not human.

But then I forget you are a vegan for whom animals become more important than humans.

Only such a fool could write "...animals who are then killed...'

Shane Ponting said...

There's no point of living if you can't eat a good steak.