Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today along with a number of our Lions Club members we  traveled to Leeston in Elesmere to bid farewell and celebrate the life one of our number who finally lost his battle with serious illness,

Jim as he was known to all, crammed so much into his 81 years, his passing will most likely fail to elicit notice in the media but to those of us priveleged to have come within his orbit as he moved through his time among us, we have touched a very good man.

Educated at his local country schools he then gained a dip ag at Lincoln College.
Sport around his participation in the requirements on the family farm included rugby and in particular middle distance running with two successive national junior titles.
As an early successful entrant to a YFC Exchange opportunity, he won a trip to West Australia for six months.
Marriage to Elizabeth "Betty" for 53 years led to a wonderful family of children and grandchildren.
Farmer politics in Federated Farmers and a directorship of The Tai Tapu Dairy Company.
Early involvement in the massively successful AB program in NZ and with his herd at Doyleston led Jim to applaud his success in exporting Fresian genetics back to the Netherlands.
Serious involvement with the National Party at electorate level in support of Colin McLachlan, Ruth Richardson and Dame Jenny Shipley included electorate chair for the latter two
A ten year stint on the parole board.
12 years as a very loyal and contributing member of our service club,
All the while building a successful family farming enterprise that is continuing within his  extended family.

These are but a small number of Jim's involvements in his community and his passing will leave gaps to be filled but the abiding memory for those he passes the baton to,  what a grand life Jim lived, all without seeking reward or recognition, only an abiding passion to do that which he though right.

Farewell Jim, god speed, RIP

Effective Communicators of Our Time

I was distinctly nonplussed when John Key referred to Hekia Parata as "a very effective communicator; in fact if you look at her history in politics, she's been one of the smoothest communicators we've actually had." Her dense stretches of bureaucrat-speak strike me as pretty much the opposite of communication.

But today Key's assertion received some backing:

Education Ministry staff received little sympathy from their minister, Hekia Parata, after their pay did not arrive as expected yesterday morning.

The glitch gave an unwanted taste of what teachers have been going through with Novopay - and the minister quipped that it was ‘‘karma’’.

To lesser, ineffective communicators like you and me, ridiculing your staff suffering a pay problem you're not suffering yourself might seem like terrible, antagonistic, counter-productive, even monumentally stupid communication.  But Parata has with this statement smoothly and effectively communicated her and her government's attitude to her workforce; no room for confusion among her staff remains, therefore the communication has been very effective.   I give credit here for Key's perception on this matter.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I see that the Zimbabwe's Finance Minister Tendai Biti has claimed here that after paying public workers salaries last week the balance in the cash strapped Public Account stood at US$217.

Clearly he needs the 'expertise' of Russell Norman to craft a way forward out of the hole.   Problem for Russell might be that printing US dollars (Zimbabwe doesn't have its own currency) could see him doing time in a US slammer.

Well at least that would keep him out of this country where his brand of voodoo economics would wreck and bankrupt the country.

Memo to Labour and the Greens.   You must stop rolling over and saying 'how much' to each and every issue presenting itself at your doors.   Sadly though I don't see any evidence of that happening.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Appalling, and thats being polite.


A story (sic) blew up following a pseudo story in the SST from Little Lucy Craymer that another nonentity, stringer Charles Anderson saw fit to send to the Wall Street Journal on traces of DCD, an inhibitor added to some fertilizers to reduce Nitrogen leeching being detected in some of our milk last spring. Autumn is now approaching in case you wern't aware.

Now DCD is regarded as a benign chemical and only one of many that can present in measurable quantities in any random sample of milk and its products.
The EU is the only government entity in the world that has a limit on acceptable levels and that limit is many many times the amount discovered in the NZ milk last spring.

Today Damian O'Connor in a rather predictable effort to gain a headline as the political year warms up sailed into the non controversy adding his tuppence in what has all the hallmarks of a beat up.

Some Facts.
DCD is an inhibitor with no established effects down stream when found in milk and the levels these idiots are talking about are infinitesimal.
It was added to some nitrogenous products in response to  opposition, largely from the anti dairying lobby, on leeching as a problem.
As soon as the contamination was discovered the two major Fertilizer companies, Ravensdown and Balance withdrew all product with DCD from sale, Months ago!
To date there is no known problem with DCD in the food chain and the level detected in NZ milk is around 1% of the only limit on such contamination designated in the world, by the EU.

To describe the witterings of Craymer,  perpetrated by Anderson, given oxygen by assorted opponents of our major economic lifeline and now being employed by O'Connor for profile, as anything other than sabotage is bollocks. I am being kind here.

Yes in another place and time serious sanction would be appropriate, it's almost up there with yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.



Cameron Slater at  highlights a further example of a bad outcome from an evangelical crusade that forms a base plank of the world wide 'green movement'.

In their crusade against fossil fuels, a serious disruption to the market has occurred with the conversion of grain from basic food staple to bio fuel production leaving many more people starving throughout the world than is necessary, that is just market reality from subsidising the warm cuddly apparition that bio fuel presents. The result, a significant escalation of price for all basic food grains

That market interference has been exacerbated in Peru with a food fad arising  around Quinoa a staple of Peru and Bolivia, as a wonder grain,  that in the world market for grain stimulated by that subsidised myth of the benefits of bio fuel, has resulted in Quinoa  being priced out of the reach of the poorer people of those Andean Countries.

Too bad so sad  "let them eat cake", hang on what do those people make their freekin cake from again, oh yes it just might have been Quinoa, eh.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Invasion Day

I see the leftist illuminati are busy rewriting history in Tasmania, just as NZ universities are creating the pre-1840 proud, benign, civilized and admirable Maori race to replace the reality of a barbarous bunch of cannibalistic, slave keeping, murderous, forever warring savages.  (Go and read some of the accounts written by the early missionaries.)

Two days ago some strident screeching female, possibly a Greens Tasmanian government minister, was  bleating about Australia Day being celebrated on the anniversary of the arrival of white settlers in this barren land. (Funny how history seems to have changed. Up until a few years ago the story was that the Whitefella shot all the Blackfellas in Tassie - the whole damned lot.  Australians didn't like to take about that in the seventies.)

Likely it will be discovered that Tasmania's new  found Aboriginal population possesses remarkably fair skin and sharp facial features.

Well, waddya know?  Take a close look.


Then, today there are reports of a loudmouth ALP MP spruiking about the same 'invasion day.'

For these people, Aboriginals would be far better off if no immigrants had arrived over the last two hundred years or so.By hell, if that had been the case the Abos would really have something to complain about.

No booze
No social welfare
No battered old blue Valiants and Falcons to drive around in
No footy at which to excel
No Coca Cola
No horses
No long straight roads on which to cadge a ride
No petrol to sniff
No steak and eggs

Adolf wonders how long it will be before the Australian speech police being legislated for by Gillard will outlaw the word 'blog' on account of it might be construed by the sensitive dears on the left as an abbreviation for 'black wog.'


Whaddyumean I screwed up?  Oh, a nice family home near central Auckland for 300 grand - of course we can do it, er, um, er, just elect us and see.

That was this Tur key, no relation to John, at the Party Presidium mid November last year.

Now 70 days later he has admitted what every financial literate has been saying since that daft claim was made. $300 000 might get a little box at a cruddy address needing a heap of work.  Only suitable for two people prepared to either sleep in bunks or have a shared use system where one sleeps and the other waits for a turn with the bed.  The big announcement was total bollocks.

Today, the very refreshed and vigorous leader, albeit apparently temporary if a significant number of the posters at The Standard are to be believed, of the factionalised NZLP has finally admitted that a small family home somewhere in the city of sails might be created at $550 000. However, the pie in the sky claim it can be $10 000 a year,  year on year, is still in the policy and remains unchallenged.  Without a major revamp of land development and a serious reduction in consent costs, the claim is still total bollocks.Meanwhile, the dopy, incompetent, unquestioning cretins who pretend to be 2013 journalists won't even see the total hypocrisy in this major flip-flop.

Well, he is going to save us, isn't he, er, um, er, well, he thinks so as he said it and socialists never tell porkies to win elections .  Do they?

Do they ever.!!!!!!!!

Affordable Housing in Auckland

I see that David Shearer has finally come clean over affordable housing in Auckland. The price for a stand alone house is now $550k, not the bullshit $300k he plucked out of some deep recess to buy a few votes.

$550k is a realistic number. This is pretty much where the market is anyway for a brick and tile 3 bed house in the cheaper suburbs, if you can secure a section. The building costs are already very competitive. Many private companies compete in an open market for the opportunity to build this product and make a fair profit.

The single biggest issue is the section supply. Due to the tight geographical nature of Auckland, good building land is scarce within the current city limits and demand high. Developers and section owners know this and price accordingly. No amount of political ranting is ever going to change this fact. Freeing up the consent processes for developers, to bring land to the market quicker could help, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that to produce cheaper sections. Greater margins for developers is a far more likely outcome.

If you want a new $300k stand alone house, move out of Auckland.

Waiting for idiots like Shearer to give you a cheap house, within an hour of downtown Auckland, will be a high risk and ultimately futile proposition.

And finally remember elephant in the room. The government's $70k GST grab on your $550k new home never rates a  mention by the likes of Shearer when discussing affordability.
Maybe reducing  government size would be a more effective way to  lower the cost of housing.
I won't be holding my breath for that one either.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why not make motorists look after their vehicles.

So Mr Murphy's lucrative little plea has failed.

VTNZ's government backed little earner has been liposuctioned leaving the lightened body the option to raise charges to maintain an income stream.

The changes do not address the clear problem of an impost on low use, low mileage, well maintained and cared for cars often owned and driven by elderly and financially challenged seniors.

I own a veteran VW bug that does around 500 kms between WOFs, it is just a nonsense imposition when compared to a modified subaru much favoured by the young warriors as a smoke generator that within hours of gaining a current WOF the Subaru is altered to the fad car that will be on the road for the next 5 months and 27 days likely without sanction.

There is no such requirement for road cycles,  mountain bikes, mobility scooters, propelled wheel chairs, skate boards or those little cheap scooters that threaten the unwary on our streets yet they are sharing our ever more crowded byways. The operators of all the above mentioned can with impunity have their ears plugged with a music generator and even be ignoring other road users as they go about while texting.

 Agricultural machinery can be on the roads  and as far as I know road worthiness is at the discretion of the owner/operator  with sanction only applying if the machine is found to be unroadworthy on inspection.

Much has been claimed by the lobby including VTNZ, small garage workshops and specialist Wof inspection operators that finds such a mandated income stream threatened but the figures pertaining to mechanical failure as a contributor to cause are ridiculously low, then there is the large group of vehicles on the road sans WOF or Rego, if Mr Murphy's grave warnings have any credence surely those cars would be a significant factor in accident stats, but it appears they are not.

Why not make the driver of a car responsible for its road worthiness and have sanctions for failing to comply with a stated standard.
That is how it is with the licence to drive the vehicle and tow the inspected trailer unless law enforcement officers find a serious reason to review that "wof'' and I think we all know drivers who should not be on the road.

Then there are push chairs and prams.

The Greens: modern campaigning with your money

I noted a while ago that an extreme far left activist (Joe someone, but not Joe Carolan) made a comment at The Standard that the data they had collected from the anti asset sales campaign (paid for by you and I) was being used to create a new form of database for Green Party campaigning and electioneering.  I thought I put a post up here, but can't find it.

And so here is Metiria Turei today:
The Greens hope to use that anti-asset sales momentum to build a "political on-the-ground movement ready to take different kinds of action".

"It's modern campaigning," Turei said after delivering her speech.

"It's what it looks like in the 21st century."

Russell Norman, who made a brief appearance on stage too, said the Greens did not have the financial clout of National but it was about putting "bodies on the ground".
Well, whether the Greens have the financial clout of the Nats is a moot point.  But the Greens think if they don't, they can just use taxpayers money to make it even.  If (and that's a big IF), they make it into government, I am sure they will change the rules to ensure parties are funded by the taxpayer.

I used to worry a lot about a possible Green government.  But now I just think we get the government we deserve.  If New Zealanders want these fruit loops in charge along with Winston then fair enough I guess.

Severely embarrassed

I don't regard Paul Holmes as a journalist.  He was a broadcaster.  Broadcasters are not journalists.  Regardless, of that, and regardless of his alleged political friends (after all, he does count Helen Clark as a personal friend), Holmes has altered the landscap of radio and TV broadcasting in this country.

Even in his final hours he fronts the camera to show us all what being near death is like  My wife remarked "why would you do it".  The answer is pretty clear.

All during his career, Holmes brought to living rooms the storeies that were human-based.  It can't be easy living your life in a fishbowl, but that was necessary for Holmes, and his style of broadcasting.

Sure, he had some dodgy moments.  But so bloody what.  And he wasn't very tough on Prime Ministers on Newstalk ZB during the regular 7:40 slot on Mondays.

Yet even facing death, Holmes fronts the camera to bring to us the reality we all have to face up to.  And that, for me, is the mark of Holmes as a broadcaster: he brought us the realities.  Every day.  And night.  He used to irritate me many times, but at others I was absorbed by him.  But I'm probably a soft-cock in most people's eyes.

So where is this leading?  Easy really.

The shit-for-brained lowlifes at Kiwiblog.  Here are some samples:

Even considering that Holmes is apparently on his death bed, I’m afraid I cannot share in the reverence.
Holmes is one of a breed of Progressives (John Campbell is another) who because of their lack of political objectivity, have poisoned the well of journalism for generations.
We owe Holmes no chivalry. His legacy is a once reputable profession brought into utter disrepute.
That is the harsh truth.


Agree with Redbaiter – Holmes as a journo was an obnoxious little sh*t and I can’t for the life of me see what he has done to deserve a Kthood
In fact, he seems to have pressured others to get it – see this quote from this morning’s Herald
“The next day, Holmes spoke passionately to her of his desire for a honour. “He did a straight pitch for a knighthood,” a source said.”
Sad he is ill but I don’t think he contributed much to NZ. In the end, it was and still is all about himself


Holmes is just one big ball of ego, like many media people. His concern for “his people” only extended to self promotion by appealing to popular sentiment. He is no better, or worse, than other presenters in that regard. Certainly he should not be knighted for it.


 If Holmes had done his job right, there is no way Helen Klark would be asking Key to give him a knighthood.

Redbaiter (again)

Holmes is just a self-promoting dickhead. He didn’t “change the scene” – the scene changed, and he was a presenter for a new format of TV show. Just because the guy’s dying doesn’t mean we have to act as though he was great. He wasn’t. He’s just another presenter – and we’ve had hundreds of them.
I don't think it matters whether you like Holmes, or not.  The man is a Knight.  He is dying.  He is showing us what death is like.  He has a wife.  And kids.  And other friends.


That feels betterAt times like this I am embarrassed to be part of the blogosphere.

I'll leave the last word to David Garrett, who also commented on Farrar's blog post.  And remember, he is from the "hard right". 
I was interviewed by him twice, some years apart, and on quite different topics. He was very well briefed, and allowed the questions to be answered, unlike the dreadful Mary Wilson, Sean Plunket, Campbell, and others who would think themselves far superior journalists than Holmes was. His passing will leave a hole.


I have just finished watching Janet McIntyre's interview with Paul Holmes on TV1 filmed on the day of his investiture.    It was, by any measure, compelling viewing to see a man who clearly has limited time in this world bare his soul.
Love him or leave him .... this was TV at its best.
You can access the interview here   


The news this week that the Republicans have wimped out and agreed to raise, yet again, the US debt ceiling. It shows they have no coherent plan to combat the spending excesses of the Obama administration.

For the USA it's print money and borrow like there's no tomorrow with modest tax increases completely offset by a range of new Government spending including a raft of new welfare entitlements.

Anyone who thinks the US is somehow quarantined from the situation that Greece, Spain et al find themselves in probably still believes in Santa Clause.

At least in New Zealand there in a plan, on track, to return the Government books to surplus.    It's assailed by the Right who would slash and burn their way to economic prosperity and leave people rioting in the streets and by the Left who oppose with a passion every move to limit Government spending and reform welfare benefits.    That simple fact probably means that the government has the balance just about right.


Friday, January 25, 2013


In the early years of my political involvement as a voter, the media gave gravitas as to how the Catholic Church would come to the process by way of a decision on who the church would support in an upcoming election.

The announcement would come by way of the pulpit as the clergy gave pastoral advice on the views of the head honcho who in those days was an archbishop before the appointment of a NZ cardinal. The other main pronouncement was from an editorial position of the editor of The Tablet the main publicity arm of the Church.

As a non catholic it was no more than a charade as I accepted that if a parishioner of the left footers mob needed pastoral advice on where to place their support then the church was possibly a reasonable source for such direction.

In those times the almost total electoral support for the Maori candidates in the then four Maori seats whose representatives were the voting bitches of the NZLP was mandated by the cult known as The Ratana Church. That fact seemed to be of little consequence either, other than an indicator of the control that church hierachy seemed to adopt as a natural function of their role in "guiding" their adherents.

In present times the Catholics dominion over their parishioners seems diluted by declining proportional followers and a higher level of political awareness and educational levels although dogma is still used in such matters as abortion, euthanasia and other remnant planks of their belief systems.  The Ratana Cult though seems to have retained a much firmer grip on its influence in matters political among those involved in political decision making in maoridom, hence the cringeworthy spectacle annually played out in the little settlement just south of Wanganui where every politician both prominent and invisible makes the "pilgrimage". Such posturing is just as impressive as the recent "highland games" held at Hororata west of Christchurch in celebration of the Celtic heritage of some of the residents of Canterbury. The only political appearance there was the sight of Gerry Brownlie in a freekin Kilt and Amy Adams, the local MP who lives just down the Bealey Road at Charing Cross.

Don Brash, leader of the National Party was destroyed politically in part by The Exclusive Brethren, another Cult, when in the 2005 election that bunch who as part of their electoral activity decline to cast a vote, ran a pamphlet campaign in support of Brash's mob and the bumbling efforts of the good Dr to defuse the resulting brushfire ended what had seemed a reasonable chance to unseat the H2 party.

Recent pronouncements, on the way we fund some campaigns with money acquired by secular and religious bodies, all too often obtained under duress, " that only individuals be permitted to make financial contributions", has a resonance with me.

As for the annual media event that occurs at Ratana, John Key and his successors should cease giving it oxygen by attending, it is dumb and just plain embarrassing.
And as for Shearer spending  TWO days there, I guess that is a measure of his desperation.

The dietary habits of the impecunious elderly.

I have figured it out.
Gareth Morgan is going the extra mile to ensure that there is a glut of cat food over the coming decades as his Kiwisaver fund members begin to retire.
If his fund performs any worse they are all going to be eating cheap cat food.
Have we ever seen a NZ business person do such a fantastic job of shooting off both feet in the space of a week before?


Many of you will have worried about the age old conundrum ... if dropped hot toast always lands buttered side down on the carpet and if a cat always lands feet first what would happen if you affixed the toast to the back of the cat ...

    The answer here  ... mind you, a colleague of mine argued that          Parakura would eat the toast while Gareth Morgan had big plans for the cat.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


A New Plymouth woman has been unable to overturn a $40 ticket for reversing into an angle park.

Yes she broke the law but was it the crime to have parking wardens salivating over a rule that some see as stupid and petty.

Some offshore jurisdictions make such manouvers mandatory and mark roads accordingly. They also mandate for vehicles to reverse into entrances on the basis that commencing the move from the carriageway is safer than reversing out invariably with accompanying restricted vision.


Judge Mary Beth Sharp is sorry she has to send two 43 yo drug dealers to the big house for three years.

"They are impeccable blokes who enjoy great family and community support".

Gee judge and I thought they were just a couple of crooks who managed to impress you with talented and probably expensive briefs telling you the story they knew would push your sympathy buttons for maximum advantage.

Our drug laws are providing very lucrative opportunities for wealth creation and if the wowsers are successful in making booze dearer in the mistaken belief that it will restrict binge drinking, it will do the same for such criminal activities.

Read a bit about how prohibition worked for the mafia.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Gay marriage is not something I would 'die in the ditch' over opposing it.   I would prefer it didn't happen but If Parliament, in its wisdom, votes to allow it sobeit.

But Garth McVicar does little to assist the cause of those opposing such a move when he suggests that Gay marriage will lead to an upsurge in  crime.    The report is here      His argument is emotive and not, I suggest, factually based.   Certainly if there are statistics supporting such a contention he didn't advance them

There are better arguments to be made in opposition to the move and the 'anti' lobby would be wise to concentrate on those rather than have them weakened by being linked with the McVicar view ... guilt by association and all of that.


Cricket corruption investigators will be on red alert this morning after a result with so many chaotic twists that saw the "Imponderables" beat the Saffas by one wicket with two balls to spare in Paarl overnight.

Now I watched the men in green bat to 209 all out without batting out their overs, a young man on debut, Mitchel McClennigan taking four for 20, part timer Kane Williamson chiming in with four wickets, Rory Kleinvelt plundering 18 from a Mills over with stand and deliver hitting while refusing easy singles before MOM James Franklin got the NZ team home.
I turned it off when Guptil committed suicide by getting run out on the second ball after Nichol had blocked it only meters to short cover then Nichol himself departed for four - NZ 0/1 then 4/2. I am sorry I am just too fragile and I had been up since 0500 yesterday morning, a total meltdown was looming.

On hearing that result this morning I am confused, puzzled, emotionally in turmoil but now it has sunk in,
 fearful NZ Cricket will be investigated by the corruption patrol as it seems on the face of published facts to be un-believable.


NZ soccer or football as it now deemed to be, has had a checkered career in the Australian A League.

After chaotic efforts in Auckland as The Kingz and The Knights, that almost saw New Zealand involvement in the professional Australian League get the arse The Wellington Pheonix rose from the ashes and made some credible moves under coach Ricky Herbert, that were constrained by financial factors causing some great talent to seek employment in other A League clubs

Gareth Morgan bored with his rather ordinary efforts at running an investment vehicle as part of the Kiwi Saver scheme where he wallowed in the cellar zone, sold his little scheme and became a part owner of the "NIX".
 Hows that going Gar.

Recently in a confusion between governance and management GarbageMoreisless has started to bring his golden touch to his team by initiating a plan to have his team play a more exciting and attractive game that he simplistically saw as a way to earn more money from bigger gates.

Now most fans of any club are excited by winning and that translates within the world of the "beautiful game" as not losing, as it includes draws as a sort of kissing your sister like success.
Since good old Big Ears made his stupid moves the Nix that had been gaining considerable success with a rather defensive tactical approach, has seen his team crash and burn in spectacular fashion with the latest effort going down to Sydney FC tonight,7,  yes 7 goals to 1.

The cringworthy images of Big Ears hovering at training indicate a big move to reposition himself as Noddy as he consigns the man who has done more to grow the game of football in this country, in the last decade, to the role of Mr Plod in an Enid Blyton epic c2013.

It just aint working Muppet, perhaps you could bring your midas touch to NZ Cricket, hang on did I miss something.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Media are making big about the treatment afforded the beached dead whale at Paraparaumu.

A few Observations.

The whale was a dead mammal with body parts that have value.
Dieing and deceased humans have value in recoverable body parts.
Why, when DoC decree that dead whales are to be buried, but before disposal some citizens, race based selected, may "harvest body parts", do they not manage the disposal with a bit more planning, privacy and decorum.
Why is that a Racial group who are portrayed as declining to participate in harvesting and recycling body parts from humans yet are granted preferential opportunity to harvest body parts from whales.
Why do the  people who must know the scenes accompanying the retrieval of bits of the dead whale will be distressing, attend the gory mess and then complain.
If DoC have funding issues and dead whales have value why don't they develop a system where that value can be converted to income.
With the clear evidence of blood flowing from the dead whale when the jaw was being harvested for the privileged surely there was value in the meat as dogfood at least and what about the Spermaceti, oil and the ambergris, then there are the other skeletal bones, can they not be "carved.

Where there is life there is accompanying death, it is a natural cycle.

They shoot horses don't they.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Gun Control???????

No.  What they need in the USA is 'nutter control' as it is administered in NZ when one attempts to purchase a firearm.

Instead America has it's most venal and mendacious president in history, competing with Hitler and Stalin to politicize children in his campaign to pursue his personal agenda of the day.

None of Obama's so call ed gun control measures, bar one, will have any positive effect.  The one that will work is the one which requires mandatory background checks on individuals attempting to obtain firearms.  It simply beggars belief that clinicly insane people can walk into a gun shop and buy a semi-automatic rifle or pistol, along with spare clips and unlimited ammunition.

Charls Krauthammer had something to say about this. 

Monsters shall always be with us, but in earlier days they did not roam free. As a psychiatrist in Massachusetts in the 1970s, I committed people — often right out of the emergency room — as a danger to themselves or to others. I never did so lightly, but I labored under none of the crushing bureaucratic and legal constraints that make involuntary commitment infinitely more difficult today.

Thirty years ago he, along with other qualified psychologists, could have assessed the modern day young mass executioner and had him forcibly incarcerated.  But today, the limp wristed do-gooders rule the roost and one must now allow these potential killers to roan free and shoot children becuase to do otherwise would infringe their liberties.

Before being granted a firearms license in   NZ, Adolf was visited by the police and interrogated.  His wife and neighbours were visited on separate occasions.  It was a very thorough process and in my view is the single most significant factor in the relative absence of psycho - shootings in NZ.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Refreshing......... is to see a Prime Minister who resists the combined shouting of the unions, continuous attacks from a left leaning media and the incessant wailing of Whaleoil.

Hekia Parata will retain the education portfolio.

You know, I seem to recall all of the above critics had it in for Anne Tolley when she was Education Minister.

Funny that.


I and many of those whose life and livelyhood is or has been weather dependent, get a significant lift in spirits when an "expert" in meteorology makes a prediction that a developing dry will extend into drought as all too often it results in a significant rain event.

The weather watchers (amateurs) here in much of Canterbury are witnessing such a visit from "sod",  albeit a welcome one.

Just prior to the holiday break I blogged on an event where the actions of a  family of rats and my reaction, resulted in my 'dumping' over half of our stored rainwater reserve.
Now we are spilling again as Phillip Duncan's prediction that the dry spell enveloping the east coast of both islands would "continue till the end of February at least".  Gee thanks Phillip, that turned out well for us at leas,t as we have had four rain events totaling nearly 80mm or in the old terms over 3 inches and the dry has now morphed into a wet that will threaten the current harvest.

I know it may not be so for all the areas the dry was impacting on but for us that old adage about remaing silent and being thought stupid or speaking and removing the doubt passed through my mind.

Keep up the good work Phillip it is a really appreciated gift you gave us.

As for those who wish to move "the national shut down and holiday period" to a later date be careful what you wish for as it just maybe that "sod" using his natural law will thwart you and the inclement weather will move accordingly. Recall all those incredible hot Christmas holidays of yore the selective memory presents as the facts as they may come again if you have a little patience.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I watched you on TV1 News tonight receiving your Kinghthood from the Governor General.   It was a deserved grand occasion.

You have entertained me, informed me, infuriated me, exacerbated me and probably everything in between.    On one occasion you even had a very public go at me on your show for a decision I helped make concerning funding for the America's Cup campaign.

But I recognise your consummate skill as a TV presenter and radio talk-back host.    You helped change the face of broadcasting in New Zealand and, while you  may have your detractors, no-one can take that away from you.

Today was your day.  Congratulations Sir Paul.


The parade of what I consider to be perverts among the teaching profession continues in various branches of the NZ media but the teacher unions continue with a resounding silence and name suppression idiocy perpetrates a vacuum that many seem to  accept as reasonable.

Would a serious survey among registered teacher reveal a collective view held by them that sex with children, pornographic activity, sex with pupils that should be safe from predatory and grooming behaviour and today what I consider to be totally unacceptable behavior with a teacher covertly filming up female persons skirts with a pen camera is "OK"

Maybe a majority of registered teachers have a view that is at odds with what I consider  acceptable that leads to the seeming benign acceptance that allows such people to exist within the teaching profession.
I accept the number brought to book are statistically small but with the potential damage to vulnerable young people being widely seen as potentially serious

My abhorrence of such perverts is somewhat coloured from an experience some years ago when I supported a teacher protesting his innocence and his claim he was set up only to have the bastard plead guilty and subsequently reoffend. They can be so bloody plausible as is so often revealed by nearly all successful convictions.

So come on leaders of the teaching profession make a stand and tell concerned people such as me where you stand on these disgusting perverts.
For me they deserve zero protection

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Isn't that the mantra NZ 2013.

Former NZ Cricket coach David Trist who incidentally coached the national team to a world title albeit a shortened form tournament in Kenya, commenting on the debacle in the republic has suggested that the team will need counseling following the four innings disaster they delivered in two tests that both ended in four days.

Too bloody right they will but who is going to retrieve the spirits of the dedicated devastated fans who endured the capitulation. I think I have an inkling of how the Poles felt in Sept 1939 except surrender was not an option for them. They knew as the Israelis do today. defeat was unthinkable.

I wonder if Hesson even knows the legend of Bob Blair and Bert Sutcliffe at The Wanderers Boxing day 1953 let alone understand it or maybe use it

Yes Steyn, Morkel and either Kleinvelt or Phillander form a true international quick attack are right up there but four capitulations leaves me firmly of the same opinion as Trist, Mike Hesson is not up for it and the movers and shakers among  the leadership of NZC should do the honorable thing and tender their letters of resignation, like yesterday.

Reading The Fine Print

Adolf's car insurance  and registration is due for renewal next month.

In conversation with the insurer, Adolf discovered that what is described by the SA Motor Vehicle Commission as 'Compulsory Third Party Insurance' on the payment schedule for registration is nothing of the sort.  It is personal injury cover only for people hurt in an accident where the insured person was at fault.   (Covered in NZ by ACC.)

The Western Australian CTP cover carries the same provisions.  Personal injury only.


I understand from my insurer that that many people don't realise this important distinction and are driving about the place uninsureed, blithely thinking they have genuine third party insurance when they have nothing of the sort..

So next time you hear someone going crook about the lack of compulsory third party insurance in New Zealand and lauding the wisdom of Australian states for providing this service, just remember that old song

"It Ain't Necessarily So"

If a business advertised a service using such misleading descriptions it would be prosecuted and it's directors jailed.

For God's sake why can't these people call it what it is?

'Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury Insurance.'


Published cellphone images form part of a Stuff attempt to suggest the lone constable who was assaulted trying to arrest Jackie Maikuku aged 19 on multiple charges that indicate a serious disdain for the rule of law and the constables efforts with the difficult job enforcing that law that led to the resulting assault was the constable's own fault

The still Photos from a video are being used to substantiate a claim that the policeman used excessive force.

My take is that Jackie is a big strong lad with little to suggest he was going to submit to a legal arrest by the sole charge constable who knew, as did Maikuku, police backup was a considerable distance away both in kilometres and time.

As Commissioner Marshal correctly pointed out even with two officers stationed  at Kawhia it is most likely that only one would be available at any given time.

Why, Stuff, do you not focus on the inherent difficulties faced by these very exposed men and women of the NZ Police doing a distasteful at times task in remote areas on our behalf instead of giving Oxygen to such a lowlife as the young scumbag portrayed in the photos who appeared to be more than a physical match for the constable in physical terms and clearly had very little intention of taking responsibility for his lawless behaviour.

My instinct would be to present the Bushmaster and if he failed to drop with his hands at the back of his head use it in self defence and then on the bros with the same attitude.

As for the two bimbos from Stuff, Ms Belinda Feek and Ms Maryanne Twentyman, would you have the same benign attitude to Mr Jackie Maikuku if he decided your legal rights did not protect you if that animal decided you could be suitable to have his children.
Would you still be concerned if Constable Perry Griffin used a bit of force on your behalf as the sole representative of law enforcement in Kawhia.

However it will be decided by the sicko apologists that Constable Griffin could have just let the scumbag go and continue to threaten the law abiding in Kawhia, another good bastard will leave The NZ Police, Kawhia will be the poorer and Jackie will move onwards and upwards to more serious offending as a Bad Bastard and it will all end in tears.


I have enormous belief in the rule of law as a basic tenet of my personal behavior code.

Sometimes it is sorely tried by actions among those employed to administer such law on my behalf.

In recent days the media has reported the assault and subsequent death in Wellington Hospital of a very ordinary 40 something man attacked in his home in Featherston, one Glen Jones who worked at the local supermarket.

Yesterday three dropkicks, two female, 22 and 32  and one male 28 were arraigned in Masterton District Court on charges of entering Mr Jones home armed with an axe handle and a baseball bat, at the time of the beating that resulted in  eventual death.
The three scroats are enjoying interim name suppression.

Meanwhile Police are appealing to the public, seeking assistance in locating two other men, one a Mr Kristopher Jones 23, the other Mr  Hayden Ranson 27  who have left the Wellington area in what is believed to be a Blue Mitsibishi reg O E 7854, and who are alleged to have also been involved in the home invasion.

I have no knowledge of any of the   five retarded degenerates who are involved in this now all too common scenario or the unfortunate deceased Mr Glen Jones in spite of living in the Wairarapa for twenty years. but the bare bones already in the media leave me absolutely disgusted.
That disgust is only exacerbated by the nincompoop judge, Mary O'Dwyer decreeing a name suppression order for the three arrested while their cowardly fleeing cohorts are clearly identified by the police.

FFS Judge, the five despicable pieces of shit are only "known" to those in their immediate circle, probably the police and DSW, what possible harm could be brought to them should their names be made public while all people remotely fitting the published sparse facts used in describing the three in custody are potentially candidates for false identification.

I for one have zero interest in the Identity of the three who appeared in Court but the names of all persons around the ages published who are completely innocent have a potential for being suspected as the seemingly spiraling numbers of such senseless brutality continues to climb, often perpetrated by people who bring astonishment to those who thought they "knew" them, when they are subsequently exposed and identified in the courts

One small recent blessing, there is an apparent reluctance for bail to be granted in cases of serious crime among some of the inhabitants of the ivory tower.   The POS charged with a recent killing in Ashburton having Bail denied but the other growing contempt for the respect of the courts had shouts of support for the accused "to be strong" as he was taken down.
Jesus Wept he has brought shame on those misguided friends and family, by all means be there for the accused, however keep your support private and personal.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


If the NZC muppets had Ross Taylor put down after a rare away test win Vs Sri Lanka what will they have in store for Bazza and Hessie.
Public beheading in Aotea Square seems appropriate. Remember what Saddam's boy did for the Iraq Soccer team coming up a bit short at the Olympics. It wasn't oranges at half time that's for sure.

45 all out batting first in the first test, our choice, 47 for 6 batting second after they made over 500 for eight, their choice in the second test and do not say it can't get worse. 26 all out is under threat

Mr Hesson you are a walking disaster, please get involved in sex and travel before any more "progress" is made in the build up to the world cup.

Messers Moller, White, Buchanan and Hesson, please arrange to go fishing in Fiordland in a rotten dinghy while the weather is so favourable and see if any of the main metro cricket club executives will act as interim administration of NZC.

Every change at the top in recent times has been a retrograde move and we aint at the bottom yet.


The Green Party of NZ, as do "environmental lobby groups" world wide, to often employ "the end of the world" as a base plank of their reason to exist. One of the current doomsday mantras is AGW and peak oil in a tandem scenario.

If 'peak oil' is upon us then why not accept that  the rubbish theory of mans CO2 emissions as the cause of AGW has its solution just around the corner.
Well it just maybe that Hydraulic fracturing will seriously postpone the wall the world was about to hit with "peakoil" so they must oppose' fracking' with their considerable evangelical zeal to keep their scam going forward.

Forget about science, ignore data that fails to support the mantra, employ scare tactics and exploit the ignorance that permeates the voting public to gain electoral advantage.
So sad that the policy will lead to starvation, disease,  instability, and massive dislocation, move along  the cause demands it and who wants bad news anyway.

In the latter years of the nineteenth  century such inanity permeated the media as 'peak coal', which  was predicted to end the developing world that then existed as it ran its shipping, land transport, industrial and domestic  energy requirements on coal. How did that doomsday prediction turn out. Not so well actually as along came cheap oil and electricity

Throughout history one constant remains, human ability to find a solution to developing problems, energy will be no different.

Nuclear power has unlimited potential to fill energy needs with cheaper and increasingly safer reactor systems with the added advantage of being able to situate the generator close to demand centers thereby avoiding the constraints of locating adjacent to the "fuel" be it wind, hydro, coal, gas of earlier times. Think Comalco at Bluff with its main energy supply to the north at Manapouri in the form of Hydro generation

Similarly with water and irrigation. Only a complete idiot thinks pumping an aquifer to exhaustion is good practice hence moves to develop storage and efficiencies of application systems, while continuing to grow the wealth creating uses. For example the area irrigated by the RDR system using pivots in place of Borderdyke flooding systems.

The cuddly greens want us to stop all progress with their garbled and inadequately portrayed Green Job bullshit, without ever being pinned down to actually giving. a substantive answer as to what they might be.

Meanwhile an increasingly unquestioning MSM fails society by not exposing the dreamworld those darling,  soft, touchy feely watermelons are promoting.

Apparently there is nobody available.


Here's a precise analysis of what's wrong with New Zealand.

"To some people, I'm a hero - 'you ripped off the Government, wow'. This is what's so bad, everybody feels it's OK to rip off the Government.

Too many people with appallingly slack attitude and lack of moral fibre.
(Look up 'moral fibre,' dear trolls.  It has nothing to do with morals.)

eg  BlackCaps - failed again
eg  Labour - attempted to rip off the public with their Electoral Finace Bill
eg  Greens - ripped of the public with their stupid Asset Sales referendum
eg  Mana - they'd rip off their grandmothers, if they knew who they were.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Your tax dollars at work

I realise that many of our readers will be heartily sick of reading stuff about the Binnie report, but what the hell, I feel like writing about it.

If Collins does get someone to do a review of this report, they've got a huge job on their hands sorting through the faulty reasoning. In an opinion piece for the Herald, C.K. Stead pointed out the rather obvious logical failure inherent in attempting to assess the merits of an accused murderer's claim for compensation by taking the accused's word for it.  Here are some examples of that from the report:

1.  The prize example is this one, in which we learn that David didn't wear the clothes used by the murderer:

David says the clothes he was wearing when the Police arrived around 7.20 am are the clothes he put on when he got up to do his paper route and continued to wear until taken to the Police station. There is no compelling reason to disbelieve him. (para 49)

2.  Then there's the apparently important evidence that Robin was in the house before David: he'd brought the newspaper in from the gate before David got back from his paper round.  The basis for this evidence:  David says so. (para 107)

3.  The Crown's suspicion about the shooting target paper with five circles drawn on it in a row of two and a row of three can be disregarded because: turned out the target was drawn up by Robin when he helped David to “sight” the new Winchester .22 when purchased in 1993.

The basis for that view:  David says so. (para 147, footnote 70)

4.  A pair of glasses was found broken in David's room the morning of the murders, and a missing lens from them later found in the room where a struggle with one of the victims took place. Evidence that David was wearing those glasses the evening before the murders can apparently be disregarded because it is "contradictory" - which seems to mean that witnesses say David was wearing them but he says he wasn't.  In fact, this one is particularly egregious, as Binnie claims early in the report that he accepts Michael Guest's evidence that Bain was wearing the glasses the night before the murders (para 20), but doesn't let that stop him from treating it as unknown further down (para 55.vii).  Binnie seems rather good at declaring he's doing something but then not doing it.

5.  Evidence from Mark Buckley that David mentioned to him the possibility of using his paper round to create an alibi for a crime. According to Binnie, this evidence can be disregarded because David "testified that Mr Buckley’s story was complete fiction." (para 148)  Perusal of Binnie's interview with David Bain  reveals that Bain backed up his claim that Buckley's story was fiction by declaring, and I'm not making this up, that Buckley had it in for him because David had caught him engaging in a deviant act with a goat.  Binnie seems to have found this a compelling argument.

6.  Evidence that the victims' blood on David's clothes was from innocent transfer rather than seeping through outer clothing worn during the murders: David says he didn't wear the clothes used in the murders. (para 208)

7.  Evidence that David didn't leave the bloody sock prints on the carpet: the shoes he ran the paper round in had no blood in them.
Basis for this evidence: David says he wore those shoes on his paper round, and since he also says he didn't change his clothes we can apparently assume he would have worn a bloody right sock in those shoes if he was the murderer. (para 226-228).  I kid you not, that is Binnie's basis for his conclusion.

Binnie's assessment of the footprints evidence is just plain bizarre,  At times, he seems to regard his task as being to assess the adversarial achievements of Crown and defence, rather than to assess whether David Bain can demonstrate innocence on the balance of probabilities.  With regard to the footprints, he considers the fact that Robin Bain's socks were unstained when he was found and takes into account the obvious point that if Robin were the murderer he could be expected to have thrown the blood-stained socks in the wash with the rest of the blood-stained clothing and put on a different pair - because that's what the defence case argued he did (para 222).  However, the Crown didn't argue that David might have chucked a pair of socks in the wash, so Binnie doesn't even consider this as a possibility (para 225-228). If David were the murderer he can't possibly have done the obvious thing ascribed to Robin and changed his socks, because the Crown didn't say he did.  Therefore, according to Binnie, David's lack of a heavily bloodstained right sock and clean left sock when found by the Police strongly points to his innocence.  This is so obviously a wrong approach to the task at hand that the word "stupid" seems hard to avoid.

On reading the report, it strikes me that Binnie could have saved himself a lot of time and effort by just writing "David Bain says he didn't do it.  There is no compelling reason to disbelieve him."


Yesterday Adolf conversed via Skype with an eminent Paihirian.

In the interests of international decorum, Adolf put on his tee-shirt before logging in.  The temperature here was 34 degrees and wandering around the house in jocks was the order of the day.

Imagine my surprise on seeing the torso of my co- converser - less hairy than Adolf's - on the screen.   How strange.  This chap usually is the epitome of sartorial elegance but not so yesterday.  So I quickly joined in to the bare chested conversation and threw away the tee-shirt.. Then he told me the temperature in Paihia was a staggering 34 degrees!  Well may you say 'So what?'

Well folks, 34 in Paihia will kill you but 34 in the Barossa just awakens a latent thirst.  You see, it's all about the accompanying humidity.  Here it is dry while in Paihia the simple task of scratching your arse will cause gallons of perspiration to be lost.  Adolf well remembers returning from 42 degrees of pleasant dry heat in Perth to 27 degrees of decidedly unpleasant 90% humidity in Whangarei some decades ago.  Nearly killed me.

Last week we had a 44 degree maximum temperature.  (That's shade temperature, dear boy.)  It was the hottest day in four years.  However I must confess I didn't notice much difference from (similar to; different from) the preceding two days of 40 and 41.   I can tell the difference between 34 and 44 but 40 to 44 or 34 to 38 and who cares?

Anyway, the trick is to drink gallons of water or beer and leave the air conditioner off until late afternoon, then running it for just an hour..  Ceiling fans are much better.

By hell, after that sort of heat you would want to be very careful picking pipis.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Part owner of the Silver Birch Motor camp in Tauranga, Richy Robin is complaining about Motor Homes Parking away from her "luvly" and "expensive" camp and wants The Gummint to make them come in and assist her to live better by filling the camp coffers with money for nothing in the way of services  they offer or the occupants need other than a space.

I wonder why she does't want truckies out of their hours to be included by preventing them from parking up in a layby. While you are at it you whining bint why not expand your "law" to prevent someone buying a bandaid from a shop and treating a cut finger to avoid a trip to a Dr's surgery, stop people buying a cooked chook and some salad from a supermarket and eating it across the road from a five star restaurant, or even prevent someone with a minor mechanical problem with the family car getting help from a mechanic mate.

I note from your rather primitive website that it costs  $52 to provide me with space to "park" my rig overnight but later in the year it will only cost me $32. and at any time I will only leave "wheel marks".
That is only for two adults who wont be using your shower, your kitchen , your toilets or your playground.

My modest traveling "apartment" is 'certified self contained' ie it has been inspected by unpaid volunteers from the NZ Motor Caravan Assn and complies with the exacting standards they set, pretty much equivalent to a residential drainage requirement, has a fire extinguisher, storage for Grey water greater than the volume of fresh water on board, has complying toilet options, a sealed rubbish receptacle among other items on a standard check list. Such status is demonstrated by a sticker on the right rear of the vehicle and a current card displayed in the front window.

 Now most of us who have invested in our mobile homes do not want to stay in your camp and have paid considerable sums of money to be FREE.

Some retarded local authorities having bowed to pressure from operators such as you Ms Bint Robin to make our lifestyle choices unlawful under rather draconian bylaws enacted to stop defecating back packers in panel vans and station wagons leaving waste in reserve areas of our country that greedy bastards such as you then use to force us, who have spent in some cases  over five figures in equipment, to pay you for virtually nothing by way of a service. Meanwhile those who sleep rough in cars will continue to 'shit in the woods'.
Other more commercial thinking LAs see the economic benefits and make us welcome to visit.

The West Coast District Council is one of the latter. Just over the Cobden bridge on the Grey river is a council reserve area that is available as a freedom camp area where we can stop over. It is patrolled by their staff and non complying vehicles are woken and moved on. We have availed ourselves of it and never seen any abusive activity, oh and while there we have spent money in Greymouth. It really is rocket science eh.

So Ms Robin maybe you are not meeting your evolving market.
The old adage about real estate failing to sell applies.
"There are only two reasons a property does not sell, It is too expensive or the agent is crap". In your case it is probably both.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All That Glisters......

A forty four gallon drum of deodorant might have been more effective.


As a child rail was a big part of my heritage but after WW2 the writing was on the wall of every station in the nation.

My maternal Grandfather Kenneth Pettigrew drew a 410 acre farm in the Annan settlement ballot in 1903 after growing up in Pigeon Bay on Banks Peninsula. His new estate was a very long way from the city and the railway only came to Culverden,  a two day drive for stock to be transported away to market.

'Pompa', as I knew him along with other settlers formed the Waiau Railway League and a campaign to extend the light rail to the Waiau River commenced. around 1910 with politics and competing ideas of where the main trunk north should run. There were three main options
Extend the Culverden line opened in the mid 1880s through Molesworth and Tarndale although Snow was a perceived problem.
Extend the Culverden line through Waiau and follow what is now the Inland Kaikoura SH70  route over the Whalesback.
Or that which came about, what is now the main trunk through Cheviot, Parnassus, Hawkswood down the Conway and along the coast. Even that proposal had a conniption when instead of the Hawkswood Cutting, (a major engineering feet of it's time), an alternate was considered to go up the Leader River and through Mendip Hills to the Conway with work progressing to a point where the Bridge abutments still stand on the Leader Rvr a few miles west of SH1.
Through all that side show Ken and his settler committee pressed on until in a political solution Sir R Heaton Rhodes turned the first sod in 1914 with the opening of the Waiau Branch line in 1919.
All that remains today is the commemorative oak tree planted in 1919 and the skeletal remains of the lime elevator built in the 1950s.

In its Heyday Waiau Station trucked the highest tallies of sheep and cattle of any station in the nation. As a child on many occasions I assisted to drive stock the 9 miles from the home farm 'Barcaldine', fording the Mason just above its confluence with the Waiau and then over the old hardwood structure of the Waiau Bridge, to be trucked in jc or hj wagons, depending on whether they were cattle or sheep to either the freezing works at Belfast or Addington market.

The line remained open until sanity prevailed in January 1978 although Culverden was breifly considered as    the Terminus again with the Annual Molesworth Cattle sale at Addington and the prospect of logs from Balmoral and Hanmer Forests as drivers but even that came to an end when maintenance costs of the line and the deteriorating Hurunui Railbridge  led to the line ending its life at Waipara although an enthusiastic bunch have kept the Weka Pass line open to Waikari as a Tourist opportunity.

The point of this post, well a bunch of dreamers in Gisborne think it would be a great idea to reopen the presently mothballed Napier/ Gisborne line. Cullen should have let  NZ Railway do what all things do, Die with dignity and be remembered as a very vital part in the development of this nation when roads were clay tracks, wool and grain were carted in Drays, livestock walked to market or slaughter and most people traveled in  horse and gigs or horse drawn coaches.
It was idiotic cross subsidies and regulated controls of distance stock and goods could be transported by truck that led to enormous losses particularly for prime stock that could take two days from farm to slaughter, before the inevitable happened and sanity overcame misconception and politics with rail consigned to history.
The most efficient form of transporting bulk goods from Gisborne to market is through their port and road for perishables. The Railbridge at Wairoa was severely damaged in the Bola weather event and the viaduct over the Mohaka impressive as it is will not last forever.

To quote that well known Aussie who kept his home in the face of the expanding airport, " How much?, tell him he's dreamin".

The same goes for Bob Parker's light rail in the ChCh rebuild and the equally stupid Lenbrownway in Auckland. Except in very rare cases railway does not run from anywhere convenient to a destination that is of any use to anybody and without massive OPMs will be no more than a White Elephant and a political bribe. Think Nelson Railway in the Kirk years.


This has to be required reading for all those who think there is an unemployment problem in our country.

There is ... with people not wanting to work.

Nuff said.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Granny Herald apparently has an op/ed on quad bike safety and possible helmet laws following the normal seasonal upsurge in accidents.

After a few years of development in the 70s and early 80s, using two wheel bikes in a revolution in increasing mobility on NZ farms, ATVs in the form of "trikes" made their appearance.

The inherent  instability of those little monsters led to the quadbike innovation around 25 years ago.

As an addition to the "tools" on many farms the quad was possibly the most significant introduction since electricity.

As a big boys toy, recreational use rapidly followed.

Sadly driver training, awareness and appropriate use never followed along on vehicles that are always recommended for a single fully trained rider only and no passengers.

The very sad case of the little girl, Ashlee, at Waimarama beach in Hawkes Bay where speed, overloading, inappropriate use and maybe alcohol converged to send that wee soul to Starship hospital. From the post header select any or all. How many "helmets would have been available on the beach at midnight", sheesh.
Yesterday a middle aged farmer died on a road at Rakaia. He might have been dead when he crashed his quad going to check irrigation, deciding that is what a coroner does for a living.
Pre xmas another life was lost in the Catlins when a youth "ran out of good ground and went over a bluff.

Quad-bikes c 2013 are similar to F1 cars, light, powerful, stable and very useful for entertainment and flirting with speed, however unlike the F1 car there are so many out there, accessible to all and sundry, nearly every farm has at least one and some have a dozen or more. Simple to start, mount, put in gear and many do not even have a clutch. A child can ride them and all too often they do but in the case at Waimarama delayed frontal lobe development leading to immature assessment of ability, ends  in tragedy.

Talk of lap belts, licencing, helmets, roll bars and any other stupid knee-jerk reaction will have zero effect on the seasonal rash of incidents where the exponentially exploding numbers of these "toys" are involved.

As with the similar call for Legislation to solve a perceived problem some 50 years ago when in response to a rash of accidents involving children on tractors the government made it illegal for a child under 12 to ride on a tractor. We commenced driving them at around 7/8 years old and could drive while Dad fed hay out, cultivation, raking hay etc.
I only recall a couple of instances where that legislation came into play when an already grieving family had the additional shadow of a prosecution along with a badly damaged or dead child.
Where and when will compliance become operational, probably when the Ambos and or the Firemen disclose what happened and ACC make the call to plod.

I took a spin on My little brothers 2012 model Suzuki King Quad between farms recently and was horrified to find it was traveling  at over 80kph in seconds, it felt like only 40-45. No I was not wearing a helmet but slowed real quick.

Darwin provides the best solution but when a wee mite such  as Ashlee is in the "care" of idiots it wont work as the perps are still able to breed while the innocent victim is left fighting for her life at 'Starship'.


Dodgy prick, Paul Watson, bail skipper, who spends inordinate amounts of opms attempting to thwart Japanese whaling in the southern oceans played fast and loose with New Zealand's border security last weekend.

Four vessels from his personal navy "the sea Shepherd group" transitted through our waters on the way to their annual propaganda/fundraiser publicity effort.

Stuff reports that two vessels of the fleet  cleared customs and immigration at Wellington, then apparently Mr Watson transferred off his flagship so his usual 'flagship' could comply with our border procedures at Timaru without exposing Watson to potential legal complications for dodgy actions elsewhere in the global village .

A very clear depiction of the vulnerability to serious manipulation by those who wish to play ducks and drakes with our border security.

What other laws do not apply to you, Watson, when you choose to act with arrogance.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Many called him Mr Cricket M E K" Mike"  Hussey did not like that sobriquet.

He was always just doing his job.

A West Australian he moved anywhere he could improve his game including at least 3 English Counties.

First "Baggy Green" did not come until he was 30 years of age, such was the strength of the Australian team.
When his chance came however,  he grabbed it and ran with it  for 8 seasons.

Retiring at the crease 28 not out in the third test of a Sri lanka whitewash, his exit was as dignified and professional as his whole career, while the Contemplaters speculated if he would go for the big one to end it before tea.
Not for Huss, he did not even score the winning run as he called Mitchel Johnson through for the winning single from a defensive shot after a 20 minute break for tea.

That act and the simple message on the SCG big screen," Thankyou Mike", said it all.

You ended it on your terms and you leave a bigger hole than many of your colleagues have or ever will.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


New Zealand bowled out for 45 in their first innings vs the Yarpies.   Not much to be said so I won't.

But you can.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


After waxing lyrical on the relatively unspoilt attributes of remote Glenorchy  "up the lake" from Qtown, David Farrar on Kiwiblog then goes on about the difficulty of getting out of Dodge in the form of the second ranked population center of the southern lakes district, Wanaka.

His options were apparently the gouging cost of $400 to fly, 9 hours in a coach, a rather inappropriate image of dressing to gain a hitch,  getting to the "capital" of The Lakes district, Qtown for a hire car or cadging a lift from someone via his blog.

Welcome to one of the hazards of 'Provincial NZ' David.

Accessing places such as Timaru, Oamaru, Nelson, Blenheim, Gisborne and even the twin cities of Hastings/ Napier are extraordinarily expensive and difficult to schedule due to low volumes and fluctuating demands.
It is so easy for travel on the mainline CHC, WGN, AKL. at prices as low as $50 return and add  in Dunedin, Palmy and Hamilton on that line and an ignorance that exists as to the difficulties of flying from say Oamaru to Gisborne comes into clear focus

So David, just get on the bus and spend time safely and comfortably taking in the relative serenity of some of  the wealth creating rustic New Zealand, that a few of us understand as very 'normal and tend to take for granted.


In what a spokesperson for 'poverty action' described as one of the worst cases ever discovered, over 100 people were discovered existing in extremely cramped conditions in three "huts" in valleys in Fiordland.

With appalling weather and very limited supplies of food and clean dry clothing these unfortunate people were in dire need of gummint assistance and officials were considering using helicopters to remove the poverty enduring victims from this terrible situation.

"That is the very least a caring gummint could be expected to do, the poverty spokesperson is quoted as stating.

Update, the poor unfortunate souls are going to be forced to walk out as the waters are receeding.

Caring gummint, pfft.