Sunday, December 16, 2012


Flipped onto TV One tonight for some weather info, not for what they say but the satellite images and the Isobar map are a bit of a guide.

The blonde 'bimbo' announced;
"relief for farmers' with 250 mm of rain predicted for Fiordland.

Jesus wept, there are no bloody farms or farmers in Fiordland it is a "NATIONAL PARK".
There are a few in adjacent South Westland and Western Southland but as far as I am aware they are not in the throes of a pending drought.
On the other hand I understand parts of The Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay are in need of rain, and for your information, you pretty, slender airhead, those areas are quite a distance to the North East and in the other freekin Island.


The Veteran said...

Perhaps she was tutored by that weatherman extraordinaire ... Brendon Horan.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered why the wind direction follows the isobars? I always thought the wind blew from high pressure to low pressure i.e. across the isobars.


colin said...

If you're referring to Karen Olsen you need to get off the outrage bus.
She's a qualified meterologist, ex- Met Service, with field experience, including a year on Raul Island gathering met data (prior to automation of this function).

I assume these people read off the autocue: Iwould have no idea who writes the stuff though.

Anonymous said...


This link explains it somewhat.


gravedodger said...

Oi colin, Olsen's creds in meteorology may impress you but her abysmal knowledge of geography farming and weather pattens over the country, being promulgated to impressionable children is a worry.
Then again maybe her inane statement possibly went over your head also.

David said...

Aw c'mon dodger, saying you only watch the weather for the isobars is like saying that you only read Playboy for the articles.
nuff said

IHStewart said...

If nothing else you made the office laugh when I read it out.

Anonymous said...

I used to come to No Minister because you had some interesting takes on things that matter. Did not alway agree. Sometimes had a go at Adolf and sometimes at Milt, but always found something of note to read here. However at the risk of offending the collective authors on this site, WTF!?! Three post by a grumpy wannabe moaning and complaining about the widest range of nothing I have yet to see. Maybe it is time to stop dodging gravedodger. Get yourself a life. people like you are the reason myself and 10s of thousands of people left NZ for a better attitude. You cannot even get your facts straight. We still own a farm in Fiorland (Lillburn Valley Rd.) So next time you want to put some-one down, do a bit of research.
J Spilling

Anonymous said...

And just before you get on your igh horse about what I said, it is no worse than calling some-one a bimbo. Nor was I the one having an erroneous crack at Colin. As for your winging post about Owen Glen putting up money for an inquiry. Maybe it will not include the effects of welfare. Maybe it will also not include the likes of old bastards who act as scout leaders or teachers. Who knows, but at least it is a start. You remind me of the guy who was saved from drowning by the lifesaver only to berate him for not saving his surfboard.
J Spilling

Anonymous said...

Olsen was never a meteorologist, but a weather observer ...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"relief for farmers, with 250 mm of rain predicted for Fiordland."

Isn't that a bit like exclaiming "relief for for penguins, two feet of snow predicted for Antarctica?"

mark said...

The ignorance about the origins of the Mataura, Aparima, Waiau and Oreti is breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Jimmie.

It seems to confirm my question - the weather map shows the wind direction following the isobars like a train on a track whereas I thought they should cross the isobars from high to low pressure and (as per your link) be deflected somewat by the Coriolis effect.