Tuesday, December 11, 2012



The High Court decision dumping on the application by the Maori Council and Tainui for a declaration that, in essence, would have it that Maori own the 'rain; is a victory for common sense and, more importantly, reaffirms the primacy of Parliament.     
National was elected on the back of a specific promise to partially privatise selected assets as a means of reducing debt and funding improvements to infrastructure.   
It is a sensible policy recognising that those who would have it that the way forward is to print money are in la la land.
Let the process now proceed apace.  I for one will be investing in Mighty River Power.
The rage from the dark side of politics is acknowledged.   I refer them to one of their own who said [famously] "we won, you lost, eat that".   
The so called Maori Council and Tainui at the behest of their clown King need to takae a long hard look at themselves.    Their cargo cult mentality is holding back Maoridom and does them no credit.

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smttc said...

Couldn't agree more.