Monday, December 3, 2012

RWC 2015

England will win.*
The complete demolition of the All Blacks was the most complete performance by an England side I have ever seen.
And I have watched every England test since the late 70's.
The England team that clinically dismantled 100 years of carefully crafted myth is brand new,
less than a handful of survivors from the RWC 2011 debacle.
New coach, new captain, new attitude.
They were all huge, I don't know what they are feeding them but it ain't Sanitarium Weetbix. They completely dominated in every position, they ran with the ball, they ran onto passes, they were superb. It was like watching a team with 8 Lorenzo Bruno Nero Dallaglio clones in it.
With Steve Hansen  being confirmed this week as coach until after the next RWC he needs to act now. A season or two needs to be sacrificed to give them a shot at retaining the cup.
Every player over 30 needs to be dropped. I would start with Mccaw. If Hansen should need any inspiration I recommend the movie Logans Run.

* If Hansen has the nuts to wield the axe it might not be too late.


Anonymous said...

Money going on South Africa as we speak, because if that's what Engand can do playing like Saffa forwards and with one of their second-stringers at Inside Centre...

As my girlfriend at the time said, when Alan Shearer scored in the third minute against Germany at Euro96: "Noooo! It's too soon!"

Barnsley Bill said...

I recall the Shearer goal. And concur.
This is a very young England team. They will only get better.
Oz are a busted flush, the saffers will have a political meltdown and there is nobody else.
Hansen must make the hard decisions NOW.

Bazza said...

Your enthusiasm for the new England style of winning rugby is well placed. I have seen only the highlights but it was a joy to watch. Previous England teams have employed the dour league-type defence standing across the field on the 10 metre line, and simply made ugly, unwatchable rugby. Long may their new style reign.
The All Blacks should have to play their best to beat them, or any other side for that matter. I am all for the best side winning on the day (but I want the losing side to have played their best in losing, too).
Well done England.

gravedodger said...

+ 1 Barnsley you watched the same game I did obviously.

Paulus said...

Wasn't it food poisoning ?

David said...

Bill, I applaud your new-found interest in the game played in heaven. I would have thought that it was a bit soon to do your imitation of Corporal Jones tho'.

David said...
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Barnsley Bill said...

David, unless the All Balcks wish to be know as the team that can only win the big one at home I strongly suggest Steve Hansen follows my advice and gets the shears out.

the conservative said...

Yes, I couldn't agree more. I think we need some new players. Carter is past it. They were out played in every aspect of the game.

Barnsley Bill said...

England were bigger, stronger, faster and wanted it more.
The light has gone out on half the team.

Anonymous said...

The loss to England had been coming all season. The ABs got out of jail in the second test against Ireland with a last minute drop goal - Ireland had the opportunity to take the lead with minutes to spare but missed the drop goal attempt. The ABs beat South Africa by 22-11 but with the Springboks missing 7 kicks. We drew 18-18 against possibly the weakest Australian team in history. The result against Scotland flattered the ABs, with the Scots able to cross the advantage line with every ball carry. This is definitely not a great All Black team, the opposition have simply been worse on the day, until Saturday!