Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pointy-haired boss

For some reason it completely fails to surprise me that, in her handling of David Bain's compensation claim, Judith Collins fails to do the right thing and instead misuses her position to bad-mouth the people she's in disagreement with.  That's all BaU for her (and Paula Bennett, for that matter).

Of course, it's fair to say that her predecessor has put her in a difficult position.  The decision whether to compensate Bain or not for his imprisonment is a political one, ie it's Cabinet's choice.  Back in 2010, Cabinet could have made a choice, very easily.  It would have taken very little time and involved very little expense for the various lawyers in Cabinet to draft an official response - something along the lines of:

Dear Mr Reed
With reference to the matter of your compensation claim for Mr David Bain on the basis that he is innocent on the balance of probabilities of the murders for which he was imprisoned, Cabinet makes the following responses: 
1.  Ha ha, pull the other one, it's got bells on.
2.  You must be fucking joking.
3.  Tell the lanky git to count his blessings. 
With best regards
Your faithful servants

But Cabinet didn't do that, and thereby made an unpleasant bed for Judith Collins to lie in.  And it's still lacking the bollocks to do it, hence her usual obnoxious bluster and blatant misuse of her position to try and defend the indefensible.  I guess it's all wonderful entertainment, but it's not coming cheap for the long-suffering taxpayers.


smttc said...

Before we have a go at you, could you give us the reason which escapes you as to why you fail to be surprised.

Anonymous said...

I tend to a view there's enough doubt to say no to compo and they should have just done it. Principles are important and so much easier to insist on when someone else is paying.


Psycho Milt said...

Before we have a go at you, could you give us the reason which escapes you as to why you fail to be surprised.

Sorry, didn't get back here the last day or so. As regards bullying approach to those who dare to disagree: Collins' previous form as Minister in any portfolio; as regards autocratic approach combined with unwillingness to take responsibility for the results: her colleague McCully sets multiple precedents; as regards misuse of position to breach confidentiality: her colleague Bennett sets multiple precedents.

That said, since the post was written Collins has at least made public the report she was criticising. Doesn't turn back the clock, though - she did what she did.