Sunday, December 16, 2012


My ancestors clearly survived the Roman invasion of the UK, although to be fair the advancing Legion must have brought mortality into sharp focus for the waiting Celts.

History is littered with predictions of impending doom.

The plague,
World war,
The Holocaust
Steam power,
Peak oil and now "fracking"

Then there are the manipulations of those who discover a belief that threatens an end to the world for those present at the time know it.

Armageddon has been around for a bit only to be superceded by the very real threat of nucear annihilation in my lifetime. The film of Neville Shute's novel "On The Beach" was reasonably thought provoking.

Education and the freedom of access to information has enabled many thinking people to cope with those who would use the threat of some form of impending doom to satisfy a seemingly endless opportunity to have a serious disruption to a future as a means of dominance over their followers, not to mention the opportunity for a bit of graft .

Hence, we, having negotiated volcanoes, earth quakes, the "29 crash, Joe McCarthy, Britain joining  the EU, The oil shocks, Thatcherism, Reganomics and Rogernomics, not forgetting Jim Jones ( it didn't turn out too well for the congressman and Jimbo's followers though), George Orwells 1984, Y2K, and recently Harolds Bloody Raptures (he had a couple didn't he), now we are faced with yet another potential problem next Friday.
An obscure Mayan prediction has been redated to bring yet another "end of the world event".

Now here in godzone we are at the early bit of the globe that gets to start the dawning of the "21st",  before most, so will we get a days grace or should I cancel the poultry order at le boucher or whatever he calls his meat market here in Akaroa.
Then there are the beautiful little girls and their very useful partners flying in to Harewood on the 24th, will they make it or not.
I have a significant date on Jan the 3rd with a nought on it do we make plans or will we be wasting time, money and effort.
Should we even cut the freekin lawns.

The bastards don't make it easy so I am proposing we have a daily threat, "it is all over each morning"  to deny Oxygen to the nutters.

Enjoy next Friday, I will or it wont matter.

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pdm said...

Don't buy green bananas GD.