Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Brendan Horan was an assett for Winston First.

A telegenic Native from a high profile position at TVONE news as a weather presenter was siezed on by Peters to add mana to his coterie of tailgaters. It was a successful move as Horan was the top polling NZF electorate candidate nationally and very nearly consigned the Labour candidate to 3rd place in Tauranga with 4600 votes.

Now his polished personna is somewhat tarnished over his personal life to the point where the Main Man has demolished Brendan whithout any opportunity to defend himself.

The most serious part of this clusterf#*k is that Horan who was voted to the parliament as part of a "LIST" now wishes to stay at the trough as an independant. What a complete load of bollocks, his only tenuous link to holding a seat was under the umbrella of NZF, with that now a figment of his imagination and evapourated by Winston with precious little due process, surely his place belongs to the next on that list.

Dont blame me I have opposed the whole MMP system from the get go and this person who came closest to winning an electorate among the whole bunch of NZF "dog tuckers"still could not find enough support in Tauranga whose voters had the best opportunity to gage the worth of him.

A very vivid illustration of another of the many travesties that MMP delivers.


Edward the Confessor said...

Not really. There were plenty of morons elected under FPP that couldn't be got rid of because they were in safe National Party seats. It's a problem with allowing silly old tories to vote.

gravedodger said...

On this is a Horan Moron.

Anonymous said...

Winston had no choice really. He hates competition.


David said...

Turn the rock over tho' Dodger and look at the other side. Consider how many party votes NZF received because Horan was named on the list. Giving WP the right to arbitrarily toss out one of his list and replace them with another unknown, is to disenfranchise all those (dozens?) of voters who ticked NZF in the Party box on election day.

It cuts both ways so my contention would be that unless there should be a General Election triggered on the back of this situation, Horan is keeping faith with the people who put him there.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Laugh my arse off if Horan applies to join the National Party but continues as an independent member.

Barnsley Bill said...

Horan will go to jail.
Horan will lose his house.
Horan will lose his family.
Of these facts I am certain.

The Veteran said...

Tosser of the weak award goes to NZ First MP David Prosser who, after voting for Horan's expulsion from his caucus, fronted up to the media to say that he felt somewhat uneasy about the process because Horan hadn't been given a chance to face his accusers.

Bazza said...

All MPs are equal and swear allegience to the Crown. No MP can be forced from Parliament by any person, political Party, or any other body. No MP can be subjected to any influence to vote or speak in a certain way, and may speak without fear of reprisal (Parliamentary Priviledge). A vacancy only occurs by an MP's resignation from Parliament, death, or the MP being convicted of a crime which carries a penalty of two years or more in prison (even though they may be sentenced to a lesser penalty).
Horan remains an MP unless one of the three criteria is triggered before this Parliament terminates.