Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ignore All The Evidence, Impugn The Motive

Some readers in New Zealand will have been following the quite extraordinary saga of Liberal bon vivant,  sleazebag and small time crook MP turned Labor stooge and Speaker, conveniently turning a Gillard parliamentary majority of one seat into two.(Unless I am mistaken.)

Amidst all the visits to brothels, taxi chit rorting, riotous living and extensive travel - all on the tax payer - Slipper managed to sexally harass one of his staff - a young bloke, no less.  Eclectic are the tastes of Mr Slipper who looks as though he should be well past all that nonsense and who makes Shane Jones look like a small town Vicar.  He has since resigned (tearfully) as Speaker.

Anyway, the harassed staff member brought criminal charges, backed by strong evidence, against Slipper - only to have the case dismissed on account of his motive allegedly being political.  Of course the staffer is appealing the decision to throw the case out.

I'd appreciate some advice from practicing lawyers as to whether such a reason for dismissal is a first.  I've never heard of anything like it.  Let's face it, any criminal case against a politician will involve political motives. 

Philip Field was charged because he threatened to damage Helen Clark's Labour Party.   If only he could have called on the Slipper precedent, he might have remained a free man and an MP.

Who said the law is an ass?


Redbaiter said...

When are you going to awaken to the fact that the left wing political movement is across the globe mired in corruption and thuggery?

Gangsters, crooks, lowlife, liars, cowards. It's what they are.

And its why I criticise the so called right in NZ for not only failing to fight these thugs, but in so many cases being so completely infatuated by their deceit and duplicity, to the extent that they frequently spend more time pressing for the advancement of left wing ideas than they do opposing them.

Shane Ponting said...

Wow, rb you actually came across as somewhat understandable that time. Whatever you're feeding on at the moment, keep it up.

John Matthew said...

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Anonymous said...

Have you even bothered to read Justice Rare's judgement Adolf?

It was such an obvious set up from the word go you'd have to be truly brain dead not to see it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Clueless Anonymous @ 8:39

So for you, motive trumps evidence?

Clearly you are of the loony left.

Anonymous said...

Again have you bothered to read the judgement?

The court found unequivocally that the main issue at stake was a politically motivated attack using sexual harassment as a guise.

Ashby was always a willing participant in any sexual flirtation that was happening.

As for motive trumping evidence, it's quite clear that both motive and evidence come down on the side of Slipper which is why Ashby has been ordered to pay his costs.

But hey, don't let facts cloud your world view mate.

Judge Holden said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @10;23

Of course you will cherry pick and quote an arguably flawed judgement. I'll wait until the appeal is heard.

No doubt you always declare victory at stumps on the first day of a five day test match.

Anonymous said...

What's there to 'cherry pick'? Anyone who has followed this story from the start should have been able to read it.

A classic News Ltd sting right down to the gay sex angle.

No accident it was Steve Lewis who broke it, no surprise a front page exclusive turned into a buried page 17 story when the judgement came.

The good thing is it won't remain buried because the Fox News / News Ltd model is broken. Social media has assured that.

I can confidently predict Adolf that both the appeal and the Fair Work Australia lodgement will both fail and this will rebound negatively on the LNP, Brough and ultimately Abbott in 2013.

Watch this space.

Big Bird said...
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Anonymous said...

Sexual harrassment is a stupid lefty fake-crime that shouldn't be on the statue books. But anyone expecting the courts in the Welfare West to ever decide against Labour, the Dems, or Osama-bin-Kenya is kidding themselves.

Who will rid us of these turbulent politicians?