Sunday, December 2, 2012

Headlines need to catch but that is desperation surely.

Stuff were very economical with facts again, employing a headline this morning claiming;  "failure by police causes  death of a man in Coromandal cave".

Jesus wept, the 40 yo and his 49 yo fellow scumbag died when they were overcome in a disused mine shaft  from fumes creatd by a portable generator while they were operating a P Lab.

The headline relates to a failed prosecution some months earlier following a large stash of methamphetamine being discovered during a response to a child welfare related raid on the 40 yo's home being ruled inadmissable by a Judge hence the druggie was "free" to continue his chosen work.

Now call me old but dont call me stupid, a more accurate Headline would be "danger of engines in confined space kills again". The fact that another parasite has met an untimely end from manufacturing P is in no way connected to any form of "Police failure".
In fact it was for me a very satisfying outcome.

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Anonymous said...

I believe a complaint to the standards authority is required here.
Afterall after the idiot got his case thrown out he had an opportunity to consider the consquences. Either learn from it or continue to be involved with P.