Sunday, December 23, 2012


Mr and Ms Rat set up home in the overflow of our reserve rainwater tank.

A connection had partially separated in the Sept 4th 2010 quake that left just enough gap for a front door.

Swmbo saw traffic accross the plastic tank so the great white hunter was given his Orders.

Things went a little awry when the family decamped back into the tank and 'swam for freedom'.

The trusty .177  slug rifle, (already employed to dispatch a thrush and a silver eye caught stealing raspberries earlier that day),  was the killers weapon of choice as the biggest gun battle ever witnessed in 'Alzheimers Valley' unfolded late on the date predicted by the Mayans all those years ago.

The outcome, Mrs Rat died of gunshot wounds and all the members of her family slaughtered in the fussilade at the not so ok water tank.

Mr Rat alleged to have abandoned the marital home when the pregnancy was discovered.

Now the 25 000 litres of water will be dumped and the pensioners will be hoping the wet weather predicted for the holiday period eventuates.

"shooting rats in a barrel", was an apt description as the tragedy unfolded for the rat family on that date predicted all those years ago.

The pensioners on the other hand seemed to have dodged that particular Apocalypse.  Five decaying corpses in the tank, undiscovered ,might just have changed all that though.


me said...

Murderer..... shooting silver eyes and thrushes.
Shame on you

Bazza said...

I can't identify 'Alzheimers Valley' from where I am sitting in the middle of Akaroa Harbour, 18 stories up. Akaroa is at its most beautiful tranquil best today, and everyone I speak to is fulsome in praise of it. Some pohutukawa in full flower, bellbirds singing, and locals relaxed and wellcoming. The harbour is sparkling. Tills are ringing (we spent a couple of hundred dollars on merino, leather, coffee, fudge) and the locals have impressed with their helpfulness and good humour. NZ is winning praise from all who are sharing this journey. Well done Akaroa.