Saturday, December 22, 2012

All you need to know....

About Brendan McCullum is contained in the snippets below. Lifted from this article on the front page of the Herald site.

"New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum was unapologetic for his team's approach after South Africa trounced them by eight wickets with 47 balls to spare in the first Twenty20 international on Friday."

"That is the way we are going to be, that is the way we are going to put them under pressure.
"We were probably a bit too keen."

And so the disgrace and comedic bumbling continues.
You just know that if McCullum faces three or four dot balls he is going to have a massive brain explosion next ball and so it was again last night.
What farking pressure you boof head? They were laughing at you.

Never one to be handicapped with the weakness of humility and  self awareness our new Captain is a modern day version of the Black Knight from Monty Pythons Holy Grail.
His batting temperament should have been a massive warning sign for those clowns who knifed Ross Taylor.
The dim glimmer of hope is the new boys who despite being surrounded by Turkeys managed to soar like eagles.
Sadly they will get "Black Capped" and be as shite as the rest of them by the end of the tour.
Meanwhile, in Auckland last night we were treated to a fantastic spectacle of cricket with only a few fielding blunders dotted around like the odd fly in your favourite soup.
A sprinkling of aging internationals who played well, some young guys playing out of their collective skins and a nuggety old professional captain who played like his life depended on it and deserved the win that just escaped them.
Get along to our domestic 20-20 if you get a chance and leave the TV alone. The cricket is better and less likely to give you arse ache.


pdm said...

BB I refuse to watch 20/20 cricket which is just a sop to the instantgratification society we have become. However, your post sums up the two radio news reports plus a snippet fro Andrew Saville that I have heard.

I do not see McCullum as the solution as captain and don't see the Black Caps showing any consistency under his stewardship - with or without Taylor, Southee and Ryder.

In fact I suggest the tide won't turn until Williamson has a couple of years of captaincy of the team under his belt. As was the case for Fleming.

Barnsley Bill said...

I agree re 20-20.
But, watching that is like a bowl of nuts between banquets. It sustains until mealtime.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Is it true the ICC is considering introducing an official beach cricket competition? In deference to the abilities of the Slack Caps?

Sorry, I forgot. They already have this game called twenty-twenty.

You can say what you like about Bill Lawry and Geoffry Boycott. Those blokes actually knew how to play the real game of cricket.

And can anyone, in their remotest fantasy, see McCullum playing an innings such as that of match saving Faf du Plessis?

Anonymous said...

Haha - yeh, Mac the Knife is off to a stellar start, isn't he? But don't look to Fleming for role models - who do you think pulls the strings of the puppet B Mac? His manager Fleming....

Bring back Roscoe. But then, that would take humility from NZ Cricket, wouldn't it? Oh dear. We may be in for a bit of a wait.

Mad Marxist.