Sunday, November 4, 2012


Lifted this from the Labour Party blog 'The Standard' where they rate Labour's front bench team against the team that took power in 1999 .... priceless and no comment needed.

David Shearer (2012) vs Helen Clark (1999)
No contest. Whatsoever. None. Clark looked like the next Prime Minister. Shearer’s minders wouldn’t even let him front on Q+A this morning for fear he would be shown up by Norman.

Deputy Leader
Grant Robertson (2012) vs Michael Cullen (1999)
Grant is better than his leader. Without a doubt. But he just doesn’t shape up compared to Cullen. While Cullen gave excellent support to Clark, oversaw a brilliant house strategy, and kept on top of every portfolio he was ever given (finance, tertiary education, attorney-general, acc etc.) Robertson has failed to fire. His strategic genius has put Labour in the shit they’re in now, and Labour are virtually invisible in the Tertiary Education and Environment space.

David Parker (2012) vs Michael Cullen (1999)
Parker has been one of the better performers, but has a way to go before ranking with Cullen. Tough competition though. Not ruling out that he may equal Cullen as he continues to develop. Sharp as a knife, he is the party’s thinker and, while he comes across nerdy, his careful work is helping to build Labour’s economic credibility and undermine National’s. Very well liked and promising, and could do wonders if he learns the killer instinct.

Social Welfare
Jacinda Ardern (2012) vs Steve Maharey (1999)
Maharey was a brilliant advocate and really held the government to account. Remember Christine Rankin hiring a plane for WINZ executives to visit an exclusive Taupo resort? Maharey uncovered it. Ardern on the other hand has been invisible, even after being gifted the MSD privacy uncovered by Keith Ng the Greens outshone Labour. She does not deserve the portfolio nor being put at number 4. New Zealand’s most vulnerable deserve better.

Economic Development
David Cunliffe (2012) vs Pete Hodgson (1999)
This is a tough contest. Like Parker, Cunliffe is one of the front benches’ performers. Articulate and makes a lot of headlines. Clearly hates what the Tories are doing to the country, and it shows in his work. His ability to bring economics into human terms and speak with vision and passion nicely compliments Parker to form a strong economic team when it’s given the chance. While Pete was also an incredibly effective opposition MP and knew his stuff, Cunliffe edges Pete out in the public performance stakes. Cunliffe clearly still has leadership potential.

SOEs (Commerce)
Clayton Cosgrove (2012) vs Paul Swain (1999)
I liked Paul Swain. He was a well spoken and hearty politician. But Clayton is at least his equal and has the potential to be better. He’s done an excellent job as SOEs spokesperson and keeping Labour in the middle of the campaign. Been a bit quiet lately, but bound to turn up again soon. Clayton along with Parker and Cunliffe make up the only performers our front bench has.

Foreign Affairs
Phil Goff (2012) vs Phil Goff (1999)
I’d have to go with 1999 Phil. He’s got his whole career in front of him.

Maryan Street (2012) vs Annette King (1999)
While now past her use-by date, 1999 Annette was a brilliant opposition politician. While no one even knows who Maryan Street is, in 1999 Annette was ripping Wyatt Creech to shreds. Barely a day went by without health making the news and Annette always stood strong against good healthcare for only the rich. Street on the other hand is awful. She must go.

EducationNanaia Mahuta (2012) vs Trevor Mallard (1999)
Trevor used to be good. Bloody good. This really is no contest. Nanaia hasn’t performed. Putting out a press release after getting hints she might be dumped doesn’t cut it. She ought to be slaying Parata. To be fair she’d probably beat 2012 Mallard. But how hard is that? Yesterday, Mallard thought it would be a good idea for a senior Labour MP, him, to publicly attack the head of Treasury after he made comments widely welcomed as open-minded and turning away from dry neoliberalism. At least Nanaia keeps her mouth shut rather than putting her foot in it.


Doug said...

Who needs to rip Labour apart they make a good job of it themselves. The One News Poll just proves the point.

The Veteran said...

That's the point of my post.

A house divided etc

Psycho Milt said...

As a commenter on the thread points out, the current govt has exactly the same problem when compared to the 90s Nat govt. And that commenter was going easy on the current govt by not considering ministers Parata, Tolley or Brownlee.

Read this somewhere said...

This is Labour's real dilemma.

Competent Group - Recognised ability. Speak with authority. General appeal.

David Parker,
Damien O'Connor,
Shane Jones,
David Cunliffe

Green Group - Too new to judge. Short on profile. Same amount of experience as the Green Party MP's. How do they compare?

David Shearer,
Phil Twyford,
Jacinda Ardern,
Chris Hipkins,
Clare Curran,
David Clark,
Iain Lees-Galloway,
Louisa Wall,
Megan Woods

Beltway Group - Good speakers, little general appeal outside Wellington.

Grant Robertson ,
Maryan Street,
Charles Chauvel,

Past their "use by date" - No longer connected to the minds of the public.

Annette King,
Phil Goff,
Clayton Cosgrove,
Trevor Mallard,
Lianne Dalziel,
Parekura Horomia,
Ruth Dyson,

Dispensible Group - No general appeal, no traction, no distinction, a road block to Labour's return to power.

Annette King,
Phil Goff,
Clayton Cosgrove,
Trevor Mallard,
Lianne Dalziel,
Parekura Horomia,
Ruth Dyson,

Anybody else see the problem?

paul scott said...

I don't see any problem at all, so long as John Key can do something real, instead of telling jokes, and announce a NAT NZ First coalition for next Government,

Anonymous said...

Didn't Ms Clarke do exceptionally well at executing one of the primary responsibilities of any organisational leader: nurturing a depth of talent ready to step up when that person departs?

The Veteran said...

Paul 1.21 ... you're a newbe on my blog so be aware I don't allow threadjacking. This is a post about Labour.

When I do a post highlighting why National should NEVER consider a deal with Winston First as long as 'he' remains in charge you are welcome to jump in boots and all.

Read this somewhere said...

Whoops! This should have been the last group in the list at 10.22pm

Dispensible Group - No general appeal, no traction, no distinction, a road block to Labour's return to power.

Andrew Little
Kris Faafoi
Darrien Fenton
Sue Moroney
Ross Robertson
Nanaia Mahuta
Moana Mackey
Rino Tirikatene
Rajen Prasad
Su'a William Sio

Chris said...

Funny that the Standard and the more radical elements of the pinko brigade are fellating Cunliffe. If they keep doing so Labour will never return to power.

Theres a reason half his colleagues call him Silent 'T'