Thursday, November 29, 2012


Recently the 'Charities Registration Board' withdrew Greenpeace from the list of New Zealand Charities, thus denying them their Taxfree status  including the right for those demented souls who support them,  deductibility for donations, when they ruled Greenpeace was involved in political activity and therefor  was not a "charity".

There is a skirmish at present in The Beltway, following an appeal by Greenpeace and we all wait to see whether the Registration Board has the cajones to stand by what seemed a sound fact based position.

For me, Greenpeace should pay tax and 39% seems  a very fair rate.

I guess if the Board stand firm, Wed Wussel will need to make that entirely predictable call.


Paulus said...

To say that the Greenpeace are non political is a farce.
The Green party are in reality the New Zealand Branch of Greenpeace International. Its member are drawn from the white, very well educated, middle class, often financially independent, latte drinkers whose anthem is Kumbaya.
And they are very rich, as they can afford some of the most sophisticated communication equipment in the world, along with a fleet of ships, and now aircraft.

Anonymous said...

The Marxist elite have always been rich - by keeping the peasants dirt poor.