Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Opponents of the current government are wont to bleat on about "the gummint must create jobs".

When Sir Peter Jackson was being threatened by union thugs from across the Tasman over the making of  The Hobbit film in NZ, P M Key and minister Joyce led a charge on behalf of NZ Inc to retain the filming here.
The socialists and their union puppeteers made a great play with the connivance of the MSM that somehow that very same Gummint was doing a significant wrong.
In actual fact the concessions to Warner Bros and the production team provided thousands of jobs that with the ongoing success of the film getting the "Red Carpet" treatment this week, will continue for years to come.

So you bunch of whining numptys which is it to be, the government investing by way of forgone tax income in jobs or allow the filming to occur in Scotland, Poland or where ever.

The Dental Nurse was spinning like a top on 'Hosking' this morning trying to justify her support (while ignoring the hypocrisy of going to the premiere) for Helen Kelly's failed attempt with the assistance of the Aus equity union to commit economic sabotage on the NZ fledgling film industry. Even to a highpoint of economic illiteracy in drawing a parallel with the Hillside closure. She reached a massive over-spin of some hundreds of words a minute as the babble became unintelligible, lucky for her Joyce entered with a smackdown that allowed D Nurse King to draw breath.

The Gummint is to create and retain jobs or not, then again it might just have been about making a union that nearly all the workers didn't actually want or need relevant.


Anonymous said...

I caught most of it but didn't realise she was actually going to the premiere. That's like the RSA guy wearing medals he never got awarded. Nasty old trougher.


Psycho Milt said...

I'm interested in this new moral standard that has apparently been introduced for politicians. In this instance, Labour MPs didn't think the govt should intervene on behalf of the employer in an industrial dispute, so it's apparently hypocritical of them not to boycott the product.

It'll be a difficult standard to maintain. For example, National MPs declined to intervene in the Auckland waterfront dispute - which, according to this odd National-partisan logic, means National MPs are now obliged to boycott goods imported via the Auckland waterfront or be shown up as hypocrites.

Still, it's nice to see Gravedodger's finally figured out he was wrong about the govt having no effect on job creation, even if he does seem to think the jobs created should have 19th Century working conditions.

gravedodger said...

Milt, I have never claimed the government has no effect on job creation, policy implementation such as alluded to in my post certainly does. The Government didn't create a single job on the WB project they just allowed the project to proceed in this country that is a long way from Clark, Cullen and Co expanding the public service with drones and we all know drones just fertilize the Queens eggs.
It is the workers that gather the food,run the nursery, build the honeycomb, protect the hive and put out the trash.

Life's for living said...

There was no industrial dispute between employer and employee, so no intervention took place.

What the Government did was create the climate in which a major employer, and creator of wealth, saw fit to bring a huge influx of employment opportunities and subsequent incomes into NZ. Without that climate, that major employer would simply have gone elsewhere. Another Government might possibly have cut off its nose to spite its face.
After watching the festivities in Wellington today on the news, I guess most New Zealanders (including many Labour supporters, but probably no Green supporters) would agree that the Government made a very wise decision. The benefits have been massive. I have no interest at all in Hobbits movies, or Lord of the Rings, but can recognise the huge amount of joy (and employment and wealth) that this has brought to so many people, and the international publicity for NZ is immeasurable.