Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Truth 1st issue for new editor

I have been lucky enough to have a read of Cams first issue.
Typical WhaleOil, drips a little bit out. Enough to enrage a response and then he hits you with the rest to catch you in a lie.
I have heard the rest of the story and I felt sick. This is going to cause a massive uproar.
If the back story and full details come out we may see a Leveson style inquiry in NZ.
Buy it.
If your local dairy does not stock it send the truth an email to let them know and they will make sure you get a copy and your store has them for next week.


Anonymous said...

Is it still full of ads for the porn industry?

Barnsley Bill said...

Yes, it has a large adult lift out section sandwiched into the middle. It pays the bills and since Labour made it legal it shouldn't really be a problem.

paul scott said...

My God Bill,you call it a privilege to read gutter trash . You are on the pay roll aren't you. Come on Bill admit here

paul scott said...

If your local dairy stocks the gutter trash, find a place that sells a proper newspaper

Barnsley Bill said...

shouldn't you be watching the mrs doing ping pong ball tricks