Friday, November 30, 2012


It's been a pretty tough two weeks for those who inhabit the 'dark' side of politics on both sides of the Tasman.   To recap .....

#1  In Oz, Prime Minister Gillard's credibility was well and truly blown out of the water following publication of details of her exit (termination?) interview from the activist law firm, Slater and Gordon, where her role in  helping her boyfriend establish an illegal slush fund to enrich him and his union mates was revealed in sad detail.

#2  In NZL the Labour Party 'ABC' team stared down and rolled the Cunliffe faction and exposed the divide that separates the moderates (Team Shearer) from the Progressives (Team Cunliffe).    The vitriol directed at each camp from the other shows a Labour house at war with itself. 

#3  In NZL the Labour Party finance spokesman managed to destroy his own credibilty in one foul swoop by claiming that 24x7x52x10=613,200.   

#4  In Oz NSW Labor Party Power Broker and ex Minister (and Gillard supporter) Eddie Obied is fighting to avoid prison as the investigation by the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) rolls on and more questionable doings that enriched the Obied family empire by many millions of dollars at the expense of the NSW taxpayer are revealed.

#5 In NZL the economic sabotage by left leaning academic Mike Joy in his comments to the NY Herald Tribune dishing the country (that pays his wages) as the 17th worst poluter in the world was too much even for Russell Norman of the Greens who reminded us all that '100% pure' was a marketing slogan, nothing more, nothing less, and an aspirational goal.

#6 In NZL the Maori Council continues to embarrass itself in the High Court by claiming that Maori own the rain.

Clearly 'good' people on both sides of the Tasman have much to be thankful for.



Anonymous said...

"Fell swoop" rather than "foul swoop"?

Allan said...

Long may it last. They deserve all of the crap that can possibly be dished out to them.

The Veteran said...

Anon 2.51 ... I said what I meant and meant what I said.

Anonymous said...

So it was a smelly swoop?

Paulus said...

I understand now that the Maori Council appear to have obtained Legal Aid for their fight with the Government after saying that they had the money to fight this.
"Fell Swoop" is correct.

Noel said...

Anon 11.57am.
Must be.
"Lack of understanding of the words in the phrase is undoubtedly the reason that this is often misspelled, for example, 'at one fail swoop', or even, with more justification as it might be thought to relate to birds, 'one fowl swoop'. It isn't difficult to also find examples of 'one foul swoop'."

Ari Safari said...

Not to sound cliche but...seriously; why are these the people supposedly running these countries. Maybe it sounds naive but elected officials are supposed to act in the best interests of their constituents and all we seem to have are people acting in their own best interests. Does this not strike anyone as problematic?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I suspect The Veteran is a gentleman of above average intelligence, possessed of a fine education.

If others, less fortunate, can't spot a subtle play on words then perhaps they should return for a brush up to their repective Kura Kaupapa.