Monday, November 12, 2012


Finally some balance to the inane portrayal of the large seriously rich reincarnation of the late John Banner's Sgt Schultz as the harried "Mr Nice Guy"

For months the MSM have led the brainless who think news as revealed daily actually represents what happens in the world, have made almost every move of the lump of lard out to be those of a maligned saint.

Yes the cluster fuck that was the raid on the Coatsville Head Quarters of Mega Upload has been revealed as a seriously mismanaged effort by our police and security services that leaves the legality of the action compromised  but this guy who thinks he is able to ignore due process in most jurisdiction, is actually not the lovable "teddy bear" we have had portrayed till the very mention of his assumed sobriquet threatens the safety of my TV.

Finally an alternative presentation of some of the background to the saga and thanks to the new editor of "Truth", Cam Slater,aka Whaleoil, for the heads up to "Sunday's" effort tonight.

Briefly, it was refreshing "current affairs".


Simo said...

The black limo's will be here just in time for year

Anonymous said...

People that annoy govts and really big business sometimes turn out to be worth their weight and stand for freedoms that we only thought we had.

He did show up how useless the police are here and how desperate we are to cuddle up to the failed states of the USA. The raid showed we are at the call of people who may be no better except they have the law on their side because they wear a badge and carry guns. I was embarrassed to see NZ turned into a set of CSI.

You may be right but I'm sitting on the fence.


Anonymous said...