Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Submerged in the Chaos.

Last weekend the oldest Party in the NZ political landscape held a conference.

The dominating facet was the gunfight at the not very OK Corral  ending  with the carcass of the defeated Silent T being dragged to the edge of the remnants of the party to rot.
Well thats what some are hoping for but,,,,
"E aint dead ees jus restin".

The founders of the NZLP will be a little restless in the ground as the party so admirably described by the MP for Westland has become an Amateur Hour with factions, opinionated self promoting members and a philosophy that is unrecognisable.

Buried in the chaos was yet another massive bribe being offered to the NZ electorate to be funded, as is normal,  with other peoples money and so vague in its target demographic  that it is being rightly promoted as "the $100 k lottery" with free tickets. Sheesh even Cactus  thinks she can qualify.

Among the dross of a weekend paper, an advert for an affordable home, well two choices actually.
G. J. Gardner offering a 4 Br  @ $235 k and a 3 Br @ 216k, including Soil report, building consents, drainage, floor coverings, kitchen apps and service connections. The missing component? the land to build it on.

Successive OPM addicts on local authorities, who have been mining what they saw as an eldorado of epic opportunities to fund their social engineering wet dreams have made those houses in Auckland and other areas end up at a total cost over $500k.

There, is the major reason for the meme of "unaffordable Housing".
Tightly controlled land rezoning and extortionate rorting of section development costs all in a nutshell, ....Nuts really says it all.


Anonymous said...

What is worse is that National look and act like they're a twin - not identical but too close to the declared left to vote for.

Alas. Its choice Jim but not as we know it.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You've been at the communion wine again.

Isn't it ironic that the oldest party is also the most juvenile?

Wes said...

Says the guy who's been hiding behind his mother's skirts for weeks. ROFL, where's your triumphant post about how well you called the US election? Are you going to be well enough to attend Romney's inauguration?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Adolf - 3.16 is correct and it's what could bring down the Nats in 2014 if they don't get onto it now. There's been very little reform of Liarbour settings over the four years Key & co have had in government. And second term malaise is setting in with very few bright spots. Bennet's welfare reforms are one of the few candles in the storm.


Paulus said...

Labour to finish 195 houses a week.
Great - but they forgot to include land in their calculations - duh