Monday, November 12, 2012


The recent moves by the government to abandon the next imposition of the Kyoto rort is sanity revealed.

With the US, China, India and so many developing economies staying out of the insane ponzi scheme, it was the best next move short of admitting the truth.

Many  of our competitors attempting to gain market advantage over us by making nonsensical claims using dodgy pseudo science based rubbish such as "air miles" suggesting we are single handedly destroying the planet in pursuit of economic progress when in fact we are merely playing into the hands of those who see one world government and another means of extracting funds for their vision of utopia from productive citizens, as their mission.
Charlatans such as an Indian train driver, a failed US Presidential candidate who has burnt extraordinary amounts of carbon jetting around the globe in his private jet, University drones who see a way to gain funding for their chosen working lifestyle and Politicians who manipulate the uneducated masses to see them elected to a place in government where they can enjoy a lifestyle unattainable any other way have all used the climate change theory that was previously known as global warming, and other imminent world ending scare tactics such as "peak oil" to achieve their ends.

Mainland China INCREASES its carbon emissions each and every day by an amount equivalent to New Zealand's ANNUAL figure.

We aren't even pissing into a Nor Wester, our emissions are more like a severely dehydrated person just trying to pass water.

Oh and just a reminder that in the later decades of the 19th century among other far out theories being promulgated by those whose glass is always half empty, was the dire prediction that with the world increasingly embracing coal fired steam energy, coal would run out, sheesh.

Another small aside we have just endured a very cold spring that has resulted in a garden around 3 weeks later than expected and before the demented start, I do understand the difference between Climate and weather. Our micro climate that has all citrus and tamarillos thriving and potatoes that are never frosted enduring some suspiciously "white dews" on the lawn last week, one third of the way through November and only just over 5 weeks to mid summer on the calendar.


KiwiGirl said...

I had begun to despair of this Govt; but they have finally come to their senses.

Anonymous said...

No they haven't KiwiGirl - its just that the economic predictions are so dire that they dare not persist with this. That's survival instincts - not "coming to their senses".


KiwiGirl said...


Judge Holden said...


You're illiterate (and not just scientifically) old guy. Seriously, you should seek help. It's never too late. Now delete this like the wee coward you are.

The Veteran said...

Clearly ageism is alive and well in the Judges bosom ... almost enough to get you expelled by certain sections of your Party.

No matter. A pragmatic decision to be welcomed by thinking New Zealanders and especially rural New Zealand who will continue to play their part in keeping the country clean and green without having it force fed to them ... but in defence of Labour and the Greens, they have never understood rural New Zealand.

peterquixote said...
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peterquixote said...

yes it was good to see that Kyoto go, haven't heard too much hysteria about Kyoto or genetic corn for a while now

Noel said...

It's time to reevaluate the reason for carbon credits. Initially it was a simple hypothesis where major polluters who could not prevent emissions without costs that would either make the industry unprofitable or Kiwi jobs would be lost could offset against the purchase of carbon sinks.
What we have now is a process where major polluters simply pass on the costs, small to medium size business don't have to register as polluters whilst individual Joe Kiwi's is carrying most of the cost through surcharges.
Geez farmers aint the only polluters who have got aways without mitigating for their actions.