Monday, November 26, 2012

Not even staunch Labour members voting Labour

So says LPrent over at The Standard

And reading the comments we found where the taxpaying grab from the Greens Reds with the asset sales referendum has ended up:
Lynn, if you come on board as a member we can show you our shiny vote-targeting efforts :) We have sophisticated models which worked rather well for us a year ago…

There are still deficiencies in our planning and effort, but we’re working on those. The asset-sales referendum is important in its own right, but it’s certainly an excellent mobilisation tool and chance to build a few other things.
 Corrupt, stealing, thieving, communists.

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Anonymous said...

The column is kind of mixed message in that he will support the greens because their caucus is working together yet he values competence over ideology. He seems to not like elites runing the show.

I guess if you think that competence and Green ideology are the same then it makes sense. Marxism (you can spell Greens that way) seems all about control from the top for the top to preserve the top. That the Greens hide this with a smoke screen doesn't mean the geni is not waiting to get out of the bottle.

That doesn't excuse the other parties for being slack either - the lack of political choice is getting to be disturbing and I feel like the animals looking in the window at the pigs and men whooping it up at the end of Animal Farm.