Monday, November 26, 2012

Martin Crowe........

.....should write more letters!

At last, a semblance of what it takes to play test cricket.

hattip Keeping Stock

Meanwhile a determined South African pair is keeping Australia at bay with an eighty one run partnership from sixty-three overs.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile 2...on a specially ordered dust-bowl of a pitch, Pietersen plays the best innings ever by an English batsman in Asia, (supported by a fine knock by his Captain).

What was I saying about "rather lose without him, than win with him"?

Hopefully all concerned can reproduce this form come next March.

pdm said...

It must be a featherbed for Pietersen to excel. I liken him to Hick - a flat track bully who usually fails when the going is tough.

Judge Holden said...
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Nick K said...

Adolf, did you spend any time at the Adelaide Oval over the last days?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


No, it was a sell out.

Not sure how the new ground will pan out. The old one was superb.

What a memorable century from Du Plessis! Now THAT is test match batting at its best.

Mighty Kites said...

Adolf, have you finally overcome your shock at being so absolutely wrong in your US election predictions to start blogging again? I can understand how it would take so long, you seemed so convinced that all the polls were biased (well, except for Rasmussen)

Wes said...

The poor old girl is so humiliated he doesn't like being reminded of it Mighty Kites. It's our duty therefore to point it out as often as possible.

He couldn't even face a bog standard far-right post blaming the media, voter fraud and racism for Obama's landslide re-election. Sort of sad in a way, but not really.

thor42 said...

Martin Crowe - now *there* was a New Zealand batsman who knew how to stick around at the crease and not give his wicket away.

His innings of 299 will live long in the memory. If anyone deserved a triple-ton, it was him, but it wasn't to be.

If only we had five or six Martin Crowes in the Black Caps, rather than the rabble of impatient, inept sloggers that we now have.