Sunday, November 18, 2012


David Cunliffe will look back on Labour's Conference with a deal of satisfaction.     He has successfully managed to destabilise and neuter David Shearer's leadership to the point where the current leaders longevity can be measured in weeks if not days (or even hours).

I am reminded of the similarities in the situation faced by Jack Marshall and
David Shearer.   They were/are inherently decent men whose time was not right.   They were/are faced by nakedly ambitious and impatient challengers for whom winning was/is everything and bugger the consequences   

Both Muldoon and Cunliffe are smart.   Both could/can talk in sound bites.   Muldoon had few friends in the National Party caucus which he ruled with a rod of iron, brooking no dissent and raising personality politics to a new level (until matched by Helen Clark) ... in the end his legacy cupboard was bare (except perhaps for one Winston Raymond Peters).

Cunliffe has apparently already managed to knock off the 'no friends in caucus bit' before becoming leader.    It will be fascinating to see how he manages the challenge that poses.

But one does have to feel sorry for David Shearer.   He might have been the best Prime Minister that Labour never had ... given half the chance.


Anonymous said...

i was at the conference they say 24 hours is long time in politics by Sunday labor had hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons ,by 2.30 David shearer by some accounts had given the best speech at a conference in 17 years including Helen Clarke those us in attendance now know shearer is the real deal yes we will have vote on shearer but not to sack him NO WAY but give him the backing and mandate of every member of this party, YES WE HAD A GRASSROOTS REVOLUTION AT THE WEEKEND and every person in that hall understands we have a revolutionary leader and not some slimy banker slithered in to loot a country. 2014 will be john keys obituary and it will lab ours and shearers time

Noel said...

Most Kiwi's are politically apathetic. And for good reason they treat all pollies as trough feeders.
Dosn't matter who rolls who before the election I maintain my prediction that this one will have the lowest turn out in history.
No mandate for any party. Only a measure of their supporting hacks.

The Veteran said...

Fancy calling that 'nice' Mr Cunliffe a "slimy banker slithered in to loot a country". May be true but as a Party member you don't need to say that publically.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 1:52 has just given everyone a wonderful example of what you can expect when you employ unionised registered teachers.

A labour voting illiterate.