Sunday, November 4, 2012


 I see Kaitaia is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

First James Parker, longtime Deputy Principal of the Pamapuria School about 10k south of the town, admitting 49 charges including indecent assault and unlawful sexual connection (with more serious charges to follow) and last week two further cases, the first with the Pastor of the local Apostolic Church, Eric Reid admitting to 25 charges of making intimate visual recordings involving a teenage girl and a woman and a further 24 charges of possessing intimate visual recordings followed by the arrest and appearance of Daniel Taylor, prominent local businessman and Mormon leader, charged with 17 counts of abusing young boys.    Taylor entered no plea and will reappear later this month.

I know this will have rocked the Kaitaia community.   Sure the town has its problems exacerbated by the fact that up in the Far North you can live a certain lifestyle on the unemployment benefit supplemented by some wacky baccy growing for the Auckland market and fishing aplenty stoked along by Hone Harawira who has his followers locked into permanent grievance mentality and a belief that 'mana' will drop from the sky in lotto type numbers once their claim for the wind and the rain (and anything else Hone can think of) bears fruit.

The flip side is that there are many many good people, Maori and Pakeha alike that go to make up the Kaitaia community.  People that devote much time and effort into community projects without thought of recompense.   They are the unsung heroes and they are the people I feel most sorry for.

Parker, Reid and Taylor (assuming he is found guilty) can rot in hell for all I care.


Barnsley Bill said...

I had some dealings with Taylor late last year, effeminate homosexual with a tiki.
I sat across the room from him in a business association meeting and he made my skin crawl.
No surprise whatsoever.

paul scott said...

its always lovely to hear the right wing wanting people to rot in hell, it tells us lots about you

The Veteran said...

Paul ... obivious retort is that it is always sad to see the left wing sticking up for child molesters and perverts.

Anonymous said...

My understanding was you burn in hell not rot.

Barnsley Bill said...

Paul, the last time you had a crack on the net you ended up in tears.
I suggest you stick to the trade me message board champ. Much more your weight I would think.

Empathic said...

Hi, does anyone know the gender of the two German tourists robbed on Sunday by Devaray Heremaia Cole?