Tuesday, November 20, 2012


When the media first broke the sketchy details of the offending by James Parker I was mystified as to how 49 charges could have accumulated over years, without any appearance of any doubt from what must have been hundreds of potential witnesses, most of whom should have noticed "something".

Now with another 23 charges filed, and the saints alone know how many other "events" occurred, it is alleged some people certainly "KNEW" but apparently none who actually cared about the potential damage this pathetic excuse for a human could and did wreak.

Parker rose to the position of deputy principal of a Northland rural school!!!

It is now alleged that a former "girlfriend" reported the disturbing fact that Parker would leave "their bed" to "sleep" with boys staying over. This resulted in an investigation "that included what seems to have involved a union person and colleagues
The "girlfriend" and Parker were both employed at a school.
The stench must have been palpable or did every one of those who should have done the right thing see nothing wrong with his actions that I for one see as "Serious Sexual OFFENDING".

I am a very firm believer in the theory of 'innocent before conviction' but with the clear proclivity of adults who offend against children, as Parker is alleged to have done, to become very adept at covering their tracks, that belief becomes somewhat stretched.

I once found myself going to bat for a rural principal in what seemed a setup with one accuser whose traits suggested a high possibility of doubt only to have the mongrel plead guilty at the 11th hour and who has since had further judicial problems. Yes I was wrong but 49 plus 23, sheesh maybe explains my passion here.

I seriously consider there are others who should be charged over this clusterf**k, even if only for failing to protect the vulnerable in their care.


The Veteran said...

There is more to be told in this wehole sorry saga. In another life I lived not too far from the School in Victoria Valley just south of Pamapuria.

The School enjoyed a good reputation but clearly that reputaion was unjustified.

Whaleoil is reporting a new twist. You can read it at http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2012/11/name-the-union-pedo-enabler/

Marc said...

Apparently it is now to be known in PC world as "omnishambles". F**ked if I know why?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And meanwhile, Australians and Whaleoil seem to be be fixated on the Catholic Church.

In my opinion, the union movement will turn out to be far more flawed in this regard than The Mick Doolans.

It has often been said that church administrations consist of 'ministers looking after mnisters and in this case I think we will see 'teachers looking after teachers' and bugger the kids. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Gillard's royal commission, which is aimed at the Catholic Church, may well turn into a can opener which lifts the lid on the sordid teachers unions.

Exclamation Mark said...

I want to know what kind of parent would let their kids sleep over at a teacher's house. Short of some incomprehensible emergency I cannot think of a reason I'd put my child in that circumstance.

IMO Parker should be facing the death penalty, but holy shit - for a pedofile to live in a community that sent their kids to stay the night at his house - he probably couldn't believe his luck.

Or am I out of touch here? Is the culture in the Far North that much different from the rest of NZ that no other school staff, no other parents or community members thought that kids sleeping at a teacher's house was something that should be stopped?