Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hore Suspension - An Opportunity Missed

It seems to me that the Judiciary got the term of the suspension pretty close to right. Although I am not sure why you would give time off for him phoning Brendan Davies to check on his health and recovery progress. It was a piece of blatant thuggery and I don't think the All Blacks would have complained had he been given the full 8 weeks in terms of guidlines.

So five weeks it is and only one of those 5 impacts on Hores rugby playing in anyway. That is this weeks test against England where Hore could have been expected to either start or be on te bench if Kevin Mealamu is fit and cleared to play. The rest of the suspension covers the pre Super XV friendlies and the first two rounds of Super XV proper. Well whoop de doo - All Blacks like Hore are only just returning to training with the squads from then and probably would not expect to take the field until about rounds 4 or 5 so this is meaningless.

A pro active judiciary would perhaps have structured the penalties in one of the following ways:

1.    Miss England text this week - no argument here.
2.    Either  i)   Miss 4 rounds of Super XV rugby commencing from first week in May. This will have the effect of making Hore miss Super Rugby games at the middle/business end of Super Rugby. Tough on the Highlanders and is a penalty with impact - byes would not count as part of the suspension..
       or     ii)   Miss 4 weeks of 2013 International season,, extending into Tri Nations (or whatever it is now called) if necessary. This may mean the end of Hore's nternational career - tough but, it was an act of thuggery.and again is a penalty with impact.

I favour ii) as it impacts more directly on Hore but it does have the effect of extending the penalt out about 9 or 10 months before being finalised.


colin said...

nintagiMissing the pre-season games may not be the "Ho Hum" it would be for other teams: as the newly appointed captain, it would have probably been useful to have him on the paddock. At least it would have kept him away from next year's seal cull.

Ok sanction, IMHO.

pdm said...

Colin - I disagree. I don't think any established All Blacks like Hore take the field in the pre season friendlies and in fact they don't take an active role in traing before the season starts.

JC said...

Actually, Jamie Joseph had made it clear to his ABs that they are required for these early games.. that was well before last week. (according to Tew tonite).

That sounds true and logical given Joseph's hard line on training this year that had Hore publicly begging for mercy coming up to the AB season.


pdm said...

JC - if that is correct it is interesting that Hore respnds well to Joseph but didn't when Hammet allegedly tried to bring a similar culture to the Hurricanes.