Monday, November 5, 2012


The PM is being taken to task by many, most who dislike him anyway, for allegedly suggesting that a football player who happened to marry a chick  who made a successful career,  as a modern star of the music scene was slightly deficient in the brain dept.

David Beckham has been a very talented kicker of an inflated round ball.
He indicates a seriously above average foot / eye co-ordination.
He married a more than useful shielagh.
He will have a cotiere of advisers who will be always planning to maximise his earning potential.
He has leant his name to a few good causes.
Nothing he has done outside of the list above indicates any significant intellectual ability.

Many of those that the MSM raise to godlike status because of an outstanding ability at an entertainment activity, invariably eventually display by a subsequent pursuit to gain further rewards, actions that clearly indicate a lack of what passes among the peasant classes as thinking ability.

O.J.Simpson, George Best, Wayne Rooney, Craig Gower, Jesse Rider, Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnstone, Ostapchuk,and many many more.

Had the PM talked, as  he is alleged to, about anyone other than Mr Victoria Adams would anybody  have cared,  seriously.


Psycho Milt said...

1. It's thick as pigshit, or batshit crazy. "Thick as batshit" is a bizarre thing to hear from someone who is supposedly a native speaker of English. Fail.

2. Being PM carries with it a few expectations, one of which is that the incumbent will be above publicly trash-talking people who are very popular in countries NZ is supposed to maintain a good relationship with. Epic fail.

3. The PM is hardly a towering colossus of NZ's intellectual scene himself. Comedy fail.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, The PM towers intellectually above John Campbell, so who gives a shit about anything else?

A Voice Today said...

I think it is just a case of the media losing focus about what their job really is about.....reporting REAL news.

Anonymous said...

Beckham has done well with what he's been dished out. I wish I could claim that.

Being rude is simply bad manners.


Marc said...

Heh, Psyco Milt obviously didn't read the first bit of GD's first paragraph before leaping into his sermon - we expected no more and got less than that in content/logic.