Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This from yesterday's Hansard .....

Hon David Parker: I would ask whether the Minister checked his arithmetic coming to the House, because, by my reckoning, if there was going to be one house built every hour for every hour of the day, 7 days a week for 10 years, there would be a build of 613,000 houses, not the 100,000 houses that Labour says we are going to build.

Errrrrrrrrrrr ... 24 (one per hour) x 7 (days in a week) x 52 (weeks in a year)x 10 (years) = 87,360 (still a tad short .... needs to be 1.1447 houses per hr).

Seems Parker thinks there are 365 weeks in a year rather than 52.

And Labour's Finance Spokesman to boot.    It's a worry.


Anonymous said...

Your name John Armstrong?

The Veteran said...

No, why?

Tax and spend said...

Perhaps Russel Norman will be better as Minister of Finance after all. His arithmetical mistakes will not cost anything, just print some more money.