Friday, November 30, 2012


I have blogged previously on our saga of misinformation, obfuscation, lying, avoidance and procrastination by The Akaroa Fletchers Hub since they received our building reinstatement claim on January the 9th 2012.

To recap, our only claim for structural damage to our dwelling was lodged with EQC soon after the September 4th Quake in 2010 that started the travails that Cantabrians have been enduring for over two years.
Following yet another visit  for some idea of when we can expect some real progress on our claim, this time by swmbo, the nice lady who is being paid a salary to treat all contractors and clients as idiots, after being convincingly shown to be being very economical with the truth, has contacted us with news that a "scoping visit" will happen next Tuesday week.

Today a document has come to my inbox that goes someway to explain some of the rubbish that is clogging the "Fletcher/ EQC" shambles.

From Dorothea Herron.
Administrator Lyttleton Hub / Earthquake recovery.
Subject: Shit that was close.

Fletcher-Weekly near hit reporting by contractors or Shit that was close........

As discussed at recent contractors meetings at the Hub, contractors are required to provide details of all "near hits" weekly.

We would expect at least one from each contractor each week.

Attatched is the form for supplying this information - please send it to your Hub superviser.

Examples would be
  .Slipping on the wallpaper on the plastic covering the carpet.
  .Nearly cutting finger with the Stanly knife.
  .Tripping, slipping, falling without creating an injury.
  . Knocking head on ladder.
  .Nearly hitting someone with a nail from the nail gun.
  .Doors blowing shut on head.
  .Moving furniture.
  . Nearly dropping something on someone.
  .Almost walking into something.
  .Unreported dog running loose on property.
  .Subbies not mentioned on the Hazard Board.
( bold mine)

Dorothea Herron
administrator Lyttelton Hub / Earthquake recovery.

What a complete load of "BOLLOCKS" the luverly Dotty omitted slipping on an avocado skin, almost removing a toe nail at morning tea running to the karsi in your sox , and forgetting to stir the mug of tea leaving sugar undesolved.

Failing to fill out the statistically obligated form for what might have happened is clearly impeding the rebuild, and Dorothea gets paid every week to perform this ridiculous charade, Gawd elp us.

This email is further evidence of the cluster f#*k that is the Fletcher involvement under the illequipped EQC many of the staff of which appears to be retired policemen, people who have a tenuous connection to the insurance and building industries but are precluded from holding a real job and are therefor available to man the shipwreak.

One of  our problems could be that we have a nominated master builder to co-ordinate our repairs. I have anecdotal evidence of some of the sh*t that the Fletcher led teams are employing to maximise the companies hold on the available work.


David said...

Fletchers reputation will be forever linked with greed and idiocy. The homeowner who returned to find the subbie in their shower with his misses in their bed, the homeowner who returned to find the Fletchers guy having Sunday lunch with his family in their home, the lawyer who found their office cleaner painting his house.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

LOL I would suggest that the builders the email was sent to email back a template, save it, then email it again weekly just changing the numbers around.



PM of NZ said...

Better still Jimmie 0833, email the revised template to the Fletcher Circus head honcho on a weekly basis. If you'll excuse the pun, I'm sure Big Jerry will soon do something constructive.

Anonymous said...

This is NZ 2012. It all about process and following rules. Whether anyone actually does anything like knocking in a nail is immaterial.


Tinman said...

Personally I've had a great run with EQC so far - even had Mr Simpson personally enquire as to the standard of service.

Of course I don't live on the Banks Peninsula, residing now in the Brooklands area. Maybe that's why.

I do, however, have a good idea of the enormity of the task and know how hard EQC people work to accomplish it. I consider progress acceptable because of this.

I've seen that "near miss" thing before. Are you sure someone's not pulling your tit?

accident-prone said...

What a travesty - they have a quota for 'not having accidents'?!!!

Here - let me help. Last week:

I narrowly avoided a serious accident with a circular saw ... by not not owning one...

I narrowly avoided losing my life in an air crash ... by not flying anywhere...

I just escaped drowning at sea ... by not going to sea...

I stopped breathing ... fortunately I took another breath ... death was narrowly averted...

Spare me, oh Lord, from the attention of the minor bureaucrats

gravedodger said...

@ Tinman my sources tell me it is for real and the copy I saw was under a Fletchers letterhead.